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Dinosaur Prank Scares The Poop Out of People!

Dinosaur Prank Scares The Poop Out of People!

It’s very simple, man dresses up in a Velociraptor suit and scares the crap right out of people!


Terrifying Dinosaur Attack Prank!

If I’m ever feeling down, I’ll search for Japanese prank shows on YouTube to cheer me up. From scary people in elevators to turning sidewalks into fly paper, any clip from a Japanese game show lifts my spirits. This one in particular always puts a smile on my face. I wish American television shows came

Nerd Porn

Pixar, Scary Games, and US Goes Metric?!

It looks like Pixar is going to be releasing some really great movies in the next couple of years. We’ll take a look into the little known horror PC game The Dark Eye, and check out the reasons why the US should switch over to the metric system.


Oldest Dinosaur Found

Scientists have discovered a dinosaur that’s so old it pushes back the timeline of dinosaurs a good ten million years. From off in the distance, I can hear Lee squee.


We’re Getting A New Dinosaur, You Guys

So, scientists discovered a new dinosaur. He eats meat, he’s like forty-feet tall, and walks on two legs. He’s a beast rivaling that of the venerable Tyrannosaurus Rex. And he’s got a killer name.