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Dog Walks 30 Miles To Back To Family, Family Rejects Her, Gets Adopted By Better Owner!

Dog Walks 30 Miles To Back To Family, Family Rejects Her, Gets Adopted By Better Owner!

Lady has had a pretty tough life for a dog. After being repeatedly abandoned and walking 30 miles to try and get back to her family, she may have actually finally gotten the home she deserves.


Man’s Best Friend Will Stick By Him, Even During the Zombie Apocalypse

This awesome animation follows an adorable corgi as he tries to find his owner after being left behind during the zombie apocalypse!


PARKOUR: Dog Edition

As usual, dogs have bested humans in physicality and coordination.


The Little Dog That Could!

Talk about a ferocious puppy!

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 2.30.56 PM

The Happiest Misbehaving Dog You’ve Ever Seen!

This pooch isn’t allowed on the bed. When his owner isn’t home, he enjoys the absolute hell out of the forbidden fruit.


This Dog’s Abuse is Atrocious, His Recovery is Astounding

Wilson Martins Countinho helps poor and helpless animals in Brazil. He found Francisco, a dog who was steps away from death, and breathed life into the extremely abused animal. The photos of Francisco and his recovery are graphic. His body was riddled with wounds that were filled to the brim with maggots. They were removed


Airline Won’t Pay Vet Bills Without Confidentiality Agreement

Janet Sinclair flew on United and signed up for their PetSafe program. However, Sinclair’s dog was anything but safe and nearly died as a result of the trip. United Airlines agreed to compensate Sinclair for the vet bills regarding how poorly her pet was treated, but would not do so without having her sign a

There Are No Second Chances In The War For Coffee

Coffee is a vital component of everyday life in an office, so vital that some would kill for it. For editors, coffee is deadly business, especially when there’s only one cup left in the pot. The creators of this Tarantino-esque short, Super Video Pros, may be new on the scene but their short leaves you


Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal

The big multiplayer event for Call of Duty: Ghosts was this morning! Check out the CoD: Ghosts multiplayer trailer here! So, what has been revealed? Two new multiplayer modes have been added, ‘Cranked’ and ‘Search and Rescue’. In ‘Cranked’, when players get kills, it improves their speed and other attributes. However, a countdown clock activated


Let’s Pug This Sh*t Up!

YouTuber¬†Matthew Vandeputte¬†let his pug play with his camera and this masterpiece was created! Is there anything cuter than a baby pug? Yes, but that’s not the point. Enjoy the video! NATION Have you ever seen something so cute that it made you want to eat it?


Dogs Who Love Water Compilation!

I love dogs! They are adorable and I sometimes wish I could adopt every breed of dog and train them to rob banks for me. You know what’s cuter than a bank-robbing dog? Dogs who love to play in water. Check out this awesome compilation put together by YouTuber Hooplaha. NATION What is your favorite

BAMF Kevin Rose Digg Founder

BAMF Digg Founder Saves Dog From Raccoon

Digg founder Kevin Rose bravely defended his dog from a raccoon attack, and it was all caught on camera! When he heard his dog Toaster yelping and barking, Digg founder Kevin Rose jumped into action and threw the attacking animal away from his dog. Rose stated he does not believe in animal violence, but felt


Hawthorne Police Arrest Man, Shoot Dog (NSFW)

A video has gone viral of officers of the Hawthorne Police department arresting a man obstructing an armed robbery call and shotting the man’s dog when it jumped out of his car and ran towards them. The video was separated into two uploads, which are posted below: WARNING: NSFW! The dog owner in the video,