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Dog Passes Out From Happiness [Volume Warning]!

Dog Passes Out From Happiness [Volume Warning]!

This pup is so happy to see a family member who’s been out of the house for 2 years, that she passes out!


Dogs React To A Human Barking

Apparently whatever this man is communicating either inspires communication or is offensive as hell!

detroit strays

Abandoned Dogs Roam Detroit In Packs?

Roughly 50,000 stray dogs are roaming the streets and empty homes of devastated Detroit that is overwhelmed in its ability to find them homes. As the human population dwindles in Detroit, packs of wild dogs have taken their place. Dens with as many as 20 dogs have been found in boarded up homes in a

Pit Bulls

Obama Fights For Pit Bulls?!

After introducing the newest member of the Obama family, the White House has come out against breed-specific legislations. The laws regulate and restrict ownership of dogs based on their breed with pit bulls being the most commonly targeted dog. Groups such as the American Bar Association has said the restrictions do harm to dog breeds


Adorable Video of Dogs Greeting Soldiers

YouTuber HooplaHa found a few of the cutest videos of dogs greeting their owners after returning from active duty and put them all together into an adorable compilation. This just further proves that dogs are man’s best friend. Enjoy!


Animals Trying to Stay Awake!

After a long day of work/school/life, we need some cute animals doing some cute activities! Oh thank goodness! I have found a video of animals trying to stay awake! Check it out! QUESTION: What is your favorite animal?


New ‘Watch Dogs’ and ‘Beyond: Two Souls’ Trailers!

New trailers have been released for Ubisoft’s ‘Watch Dogs‘¬†and Quantic Dream’s ‘Beyond: Two Souls.’ First off, lets check out the new gameplay trailer for Watch Dogs! After the first trailer for Watch Dogs was released I knew that I must have this game! Watch Dogs’ release date has been scheduled for November 19th of this

animal shelter

Animal Shelters Working Their Magic

The number of abandoned/homeless pets around the world is growing every day, but local animal shelters are looking to change that.


Animals Are Taking Over the World!

We have kept animals in cages, in zoos, as pets … but no longer. They are taking a stand! They are beginning to pick up some human characteristics! What’s next, learning to drive cars or build bombs?

little kid

Kids are Terrible Liars & More Cute Things

Remember when we were little kids and we tried to get away with a silly lies. Well there are some kids with the a stubborn but bold nature to stick to their guns.this little kid is determined to prove that he didn’t eat a snack. This kid would make a good lawyer one day.

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PETA: Keepin’ It Classy w/Joanna Krupa

PETA: Keepin’ It Classy w/Joanna Krupa – Joanna Krupa and PETA put together a little photoshoot to save dogs and stop the fur industry. (NSFW) The animal rights group known as PETA has had ‘clever’ marketing campaigns over the past few years. Apparently, the only audience that they are aiming to attract are teenage boys

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2-year-old Boy Killed After Falling into Zoo Exhibit

2-year-old boy killed after falling into Zoo exhibit – Boy fell into exhibit early Sunday morning and was mauled by a pack of African Painted Dogs. This past weekend, tragedy struck at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium when a 2-year-old boy fell into the African Painted Dog exhibit and was killed. The boy was