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How Google’s Self Driving Car Works

How Google’s Self Driving Car Works

In an official Google Blog post, the director of the self-driving car program, Chris Urmson, talks about the car’s latest capabilities and thanks to software upgrades it can detect “hundreds of distinct objects.”

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A New Take on Texting-Driving PSAs

This fake or “banned” texing/driving PSA directed by the guys of Random At Best, takes a much more lengthy and cinematic approach to the typical PSA video. In an event that is usually instantaneous, this video is so long and over the top that it actually becomes darkly comedic. Even so, the video still shares


The ‘Texting While Driving’ Racing Game?!

Have I got the hot new game for you! Check out SMS Racing: The texting-while-driving game that is impossible to win. The whole point of the game is to complete one lap, just one lap, around a racing track. The driver receives text messages and the gamer has only 10 seconds to respond or you’ll


Keyshawn Johnson Confronts Bieber on His Driving

NFL star Keyshawn Johnson followed Justin Bieber home after a party last night to confront him on his terrible driving. Keyshawn was leaving a party with his son when he saw Bieber speeding down the road. Johnson was so furious that he rushed his child home and then followed Justin back to his house, blocked


Celebrities Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Drive

This past weekend was not a good time from celebrities to be out driving while intoxicated. Well, there is never a good time for anyone to drive under the influence, but celebrities set an example for the younger generations. They should be even more careful when making potentially life threatening decisions and should probably just


Teen Busted for Drunk Hit & Run Facebook Post

18-year-old Jacob Cox-Brown from Astoria, Oregon was arrested on Wednesday for a hit and run. Why is this news, you ask? Jacob was arrested because he posted about the incident on his Facebook profile.


Black Friday 2012: The Highlights

Black Friday 2012: The Highlights – All the craziest people who will do ANYTHING for a cheaper pair of jeans. The day after a holiday that celebrates what we as Americans are thankful for should not consist of 50 year old men fighting teenagers for a cellphones. There have been countless stories of Black Friday


Self-Driving Car Aiming for Pole Position

Researchers at Stanford University in California are moving faster with the first self-driving race car. Self-driving cars have been in the news lately, particularly the Google cars, navigating busy streets and parking themselves. Now comes the newest iteration of the autonomous car line, an auto piloted race car. Engineers from Stanford University have created an