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The Giver Thug Notes

Thug Notes Breaks Down ‘The Giver’!

Thug Notes Breaks Down ‘The Giver’!

‘The Giver’ is coming out on Friday so the gentlemen behind Thug Notes decided to take a crack at the book!


America’s Getting Dumber, Whoo!

The education system in the United States is under serious threat of totally sucking and doing nothing for anyone ever. An OECD report says that the US is the only major power in the world where the younger generation is less educated than the older.


Goodbye, Cursive Writing

We are rapidly seeing the end to cursive writing, which many around the office aren’t exactly happy about, but I say good riddance. How often, outside of a classroom, do you read anyone else’s handwriting? Compare that to other people’s typing. If we can start teaching our kids to at least write legible Tweets that

Diablo Poetry

Video Game Poetry

Video Game Poetry When I was growing up, my parents considered my video game playing a total waste of time unless it was specifically an educational tool disguised as a game, like Sesame Street A-B-C.  Nowadays, I’d like to believe that as gamer kids become parents themselves, this attitude is changing.  Video games are not only


George Lucas to Donate Disney Money to Education

George Lucas to Donate Disney Money to Education Sure he may have defiled your childhood with the likes of Jar-Jar Binks, but George Lucas has once again proven that he’s not really a bad guy by stating he’ll donate a majority of the more than 4 billion dollars he received from selling off LucasFilm. After the news