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Facebook Is Listening to You?!

Facebook has announced a new feature of its app that will automatically identify music and TV shows playing in the background while you’re writing a status update. Cue all that accidental porn posts here.


Facebook Unveils Customizable Gender Option!

Facebook announced today that it is now allowing users to select a custom gender for their Facebook profile. The new initiative was announced by the Facebook Diversity program. Per a statement from Facebook’s Diversity team, there will be a handful of genders and settings users will be able to set-up: “This will open up a

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Twitter’s New Layout Looks Just Like FaceBook

Twitter has been testing a new look for it’s layout, and it’s suspiciously similar to FaceBook. Actually it’s more like Facebook and Google + had a social networking baby. Then that baby grew up and decided Tumblr was the coolest and they had their own little abomination. THAT is what the new twitter layout looks

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You Waste Too Much Time on Facebook!

Time Magazine has released a Facebook calculator in honor of it’s 10th birthday, and now you can find out just how much time you wasted on the social media site. It’s shocking to learn just how much time is spent just wasting away behind the screen of a computer or cellphone. Facebook doesn’t exactly publicize


State Department Spends Over Half Million on Facebook Likes?!

According to an Inspector General’s report, the U.S. State Department spent $630,000 to increase the number of likes on four of its pages on Facebook. The spending went towards advertising initiatives between 2011, and March 2013, which increased the number of fans from 100,000 to over 2 million. However, according to the Inspector General, State

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Woman Doesn’t Notice As She Walks Off Pier!

A Taiwanese Tourist in Melbourne, Australia was so caught up checking her Facebook, she didn’t notice she’d reached the end of a pier! The woman had to be rescued after tumbling of St. Kilda’s pier in Melbourne. Witnesses who saw her fall into the icy waters of the bay called police who found the woman