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FAA To Allow Use of Electronics During Takeoff

The FAA has finally realized that passengers are little devils and still use electronics during takeoff and landing, so they looking to relax their policy to allow electronics during the entire duration of the flight. The FAA still doesn’t allow phone calls, but this new policy comes as no surprise. Pilots have been using iPads in the cockpits

AirTran High School

100 High School Kids Kicked Off Plane?!

100 high school students and 8 chaperones were removed from an AirTran flight after the kids reportedly failed to listen to the flight attendants instructions. The students reportedly ignored multiple requests from the flight attendants to remain seated and turn off their electronics before the captain on the flight stepped in. When his requests were


Man Catches Live Bird With His Bare Hand!

A crazy video was uploaded to LiveLeak.com of a man catching a bird mid-flight with his bare hands. Watch as Colt McCoy of the San Francisco 49-er’s manages to unbelievably nab a bird out of the air. Holy crap! I am having trouble believing that this is real! What do you guys think?   QUESTION


Skydiving onto a Slip ‘N Slide?!

Skydivers Niklas Daniel and Brianne Thompson of AXIS Flight School take skydiving to a whole new level! This video was uploaded two years ago and is now picking up some traction. Check it out!   QUESTION Have you ever been skydiving?


Drunk Man Duct Taped to Seat During Flight

During a flight from Iceland to New York, a male passenger became so intoxicated and aggressive that he had to be restrained to his seat for a majority of the flight.

Hobbits on plane

AMAZING Hobbit Flight Safety Video

  AMAZING Hobbit Flight Safety Video Ok, I used to say Virgin America was the be all end all in flying.  I mean, free video games!  You can’t beat it!  Well, Air New Zealand may just have.  In addition to other hilariously themed safety videos, like the staff only wearing body paint, Air New Zealand