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18-Year-Old In Florida Arrested For Beating An Autistic Teen At A Party

18-Year-Old In Florida Arrested For Beating An Autistic Teen At A Party

WARNING: This material is graphic and may be considered disturbing to some viewers.


Hello Flo? Oh Dear God.

A mom gets the ultimate revenge on her daughter who pretended to start her first period.


Florida Senator Proposes Zombie Apocalypse Bill

Florida State Democratic Senator Dwight Bullard filed an amendment to Senate Bill 296 that would change the title of the amendment to “An act relating to the zombie apocalypse” and filed a separate amendment to modify other language within the bill.


Woman Rampages Through McDonald’s….Oh Florida, May You Never Change

A woman in St. Petersburg, Florida walked into a McDonald’s wearing nothing but a thong. No, this does not end well for anyone involved.


Family Rescued from Minivan Driven Into The Ocean

Heartwrenching. A pregnant mother drove herself and three of her children into the ocean in Daytona Beach, Florida. Thankfully, rescuers were able to the pull the family out of the vehicle that threatened to pull them all into the deep.


Woman Kills 3 Backing out of Church Parking Lot

79-year old Doreen Landstra reported ran over 7 people in a church parking lot while backing out of a handicapped space. 3 of those ran over were killed. Landstra was backing out of a space in the parking lot of a 55-and-older mobile home community in East Bradenton, Florida, when she lost control of her

Lindsey Duke

Lovely Lady of the Day: Lindsey Duke

Katherine Webb move out of the way, Lindsey Duke may overtake you as the fairest of them all! UCF’s star quarterback Blake Bortles is a talented and amazing player, and his girlfriend, Lindsay Duke is an equally talented and brilliant model! The quarterback has been in the headlines lately for the upset he caused when

Florida Man Could Not Stop Touching Himself

A 69-year old man in Florida couldn’t keep his pants on while going through a McDonald’s drive thru. Steve Orville Clemons allegedly placed his order, pulled up to the cashier window and paid for his order, which is all well and normal for just about any McDonald’s. What was not normal was when the cashier

Diana Nyad

Woman Completes Epic Swim From Cuba To Florida!

Diana Nyad has attempted to swim from Cuba to Florida five times, and finally completed the difficult journey on her sixth attempt. The amazing story of Nyad started when she was just 29, but when she turned 64 she undertook the dream of swimming from Cuba to Florida for what she said would be the

Propane Explosions

Florida Propane Plant Explodes!

Fifteen people are missing after a series of explosions at a Florida propane plant. At least 15 people have gone missing after a propane gas plant in Tavares, Florida exploded Monday night. A local county sheriff spokesman initially stated casualties as a result of the explosion would be high, but as of now, 15 workers from plant

Sea Levels

Sea Levels Rising Could Sink Cities!

A study looking into the rise in sea levels has stated the viability of more than 1,400 cities across U.S. coastlines are under a serious threat. The rise in heat trapping greenhouse emissions is the pinpointed cause for the a future rise in the sea level of 4 feet which will submerge parts of 316


The First Same-Sex Couple Issued Green Card

Two days after the momentous day of DOMA and Prop 8 being ruled unconstitutional, the first same-sex couple was issued a green card in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Music producer Julian Marsh and his partner Traian Popov have been married since October 2012. Traian, aka Tray, was born in Bulgaria and the couple filed for a green card


George Zimmerman Trial Begins With a Joke?

The Trial of George Zimmerman began this morning, and his lawyer set a very strange tone for the trial. Don West, George’s lawyer, stated: Let me say, I would like to tell you a little joke. I know how that may sound a bit weird in this context under these circumstances. But I think you’re