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French Horse Racing Commercial Pokes Fun at Tragedies

French Horse Racing Commercial Pokes Fun at Tragedies

One of France’s popular horse racing groups, PMU, has released a number of commercials with the tagline, ‘You Like to Bet’ that are on the darker side of comedy. Take for example, one of their commercials based on the Titanic. Check it out! I’m not sure that any of the commercials could air in the United


How To Make Speed Dating More Extreme

I have never been the biggest fan of dating. I always wished there was a way to make the whole experience more exciting. Renault BeLux created an awesome commercial that makes me want to make up a new form of speed dating. Check it out! NATION What is your most memorable date?


The Hangover: Superhero Edition (S-NSFW)

Everybody needs to cut loose every once in a while. Even a superhero like Batman needs to take off the mask and go wild. What were to happen if things got too crazy? YouTube comedy group SURICATE shows what were to happen if superheroes were to end up in a ‘hangover-type’ scenario. ENGLISH SUBTITLES AVAILABLE NATION


Viner of the Week: Jérôme Jarre

We all need that one person in our lives that can put a smile on your face when you’re down. So this week, I would like to introduce Mr. Jérôme Jarre. Jérôme’s Vines usually consist of him walking up to strangers and awkwardly starting conversations or ‘w00-h00-ing’ in public places because he just loves life. It


Free Kiss Prankster Gets Nasty Surprise!

A French prankster tries to score a few free kisses from some pretty ladies, but one guy doesn’t find his prank to be funny. Check it out! Mr. Prankster might need a new face.   QUESTION When was your first kiss? What was it like?


The Difference Between Movies and Real Life

French YouTuber GoldenMoustacheVideo’s Suricate has come out with another amazing video detailing the difference between movies and real life. Films will often dramatize and invent scenarios for the convenience of moving a story along or making the audience feel for a character. However it contrasts sharply with what would happen if these situations were encountered in real


Daft Punk Releases Track List Via Vine

Daft Punk has released the track list for their newest album Random Access Memories through the twitter app Vine. The app designed to create very short videos has risen in popularity, and the dynamic duo decided to use Vine as the forum to release the track list. The frenchmen have been hyping up the newest


Big Question Time: A Future Without Paper?!

The world is moving towards a paperless future, but are we moving too fast? Can the future citizens of this world keep up with a society that is constantly changing?


Durex’s End of the World Sex Ads (SFW)

If the world were to end tomorrow, what would you do with your last day on Earth?


The Island That Never Was

The Island That Never Was – ‘Sandy Island’ is an island that supposedly existed for 116 years, but now scientists say otherwise. ‘Sandy Island,’ believed to be located between Australia and the New French Caledonia, was missing from it was listed on both Google Maps and the World Coastline Database.