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the division ubisoft

Ubisoft Unveils The Division!

Ubisoft has been working on a next-gen, online, open world RPG and it’s called The Division Set in a realistic and depressing near future, the world of division is a world where the complex society of humanity has broken down. While Ubisoft says this is an RPG, the gameplay footage shown is almost exclusively part

The Last of Us

The Last of Us Gameplay Revealed!

GTTV got their hands on The Last of Us and have given us a sneak peak into the upcoming game’s story and style. The Last of Us is an apocalyptic scenario in which an Cordyceps fungus spore has infected human beings. The spore was prominently featured in the series Planet Earth, when it was seen taking


Angry Birds Star Wars Gameplay Trailer Released!

Nation, the Angry Birds Star Wars game play trailer dropped today and the new features look exciting! In addition to your normal pig smashing goodness that game has, there are new Jedi abilities given to your birds such as a light saber and blaster attacks. The game includes new powers, that allow your birds to


Super Mario 64 Multiplayer?!

Super Mario 64 Multiplayer?! An amazing, brilliant user by the name of Skelux uploaded this awesome footage of multiplayer gameplay for Super Mario 64! Included in the description of the video was a link to a patch for the game that makes it possible for other players to link up online and explore the world