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It’s Time To Take A Radical Look at Metal Gear Solid V’s Multiplayer!

It’s Time To Take A Radical Look at Metal Gear Solid V’s Multiplayer!

This is the entire Gamescom demo preview, but the seven minutes of multiplayer starts at 16:55!


Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas Trailer Released!

The trailer for Hearthstone’s first single-player adventure has been released!

Kids React

Kids React to Gameboy!

The system is only 25 years old, and thankfully a few of the kids recognized it!


Gamers Raise over $700,000 For Charity!

Whoever said video games can’t change the world probably hasn’t heard of Speed Demos Archive or their event ‘Games Done Quick’!


How Gamers Eat Their Food!

Based on the hilarious video ‘How Animals Eat Their Food’, Mr.TVCow shows us how gamers eat their food!


The 50 Most Frustrating Video Game Moments

My top 3? The water temple from Legend of Zelda, the turret area in Dead Space (glorified Asteroids game), and the Zubats. Seriously all of those gorramn Zubats were the absolute worst.


Myo + Oculus Rift Will Change Gaming Forever!

I can’t wait to play the next Elder Scrolls on this rig!

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 2.41.30 PM

Of All The Things They Could Simulate, They Chose Goats.

UPDATE (By: Amanda M): It’s been confirmed, although not the intention in its inception Goat Simulator has become a real game that anyone can buy! You can see the official trailer for the release, above and you can pre-order the game for 9.99 here, which will give you early access to Goat Simulator, 3 days


Military Boot Camp for Internet Addiction?!

Describing it as, and subsequently treating it as a behavioral disorder, internet ‘addicted’ adolescents are sent to the military style school where they are forced to participate in a three- to four-month program that involves physical training, medication, therapy sessions and nutrition control in order to ‘cure’ them of what they call ‘electronic heroin’. Though,

xbox one machinima

YouTubers Being Paid to Promote XBox One, Outrage Ensues

The video game community on YouTube is shocked and outraged at a stealth marketing scheme perpetuated by Microsoft in which the company paid vloggers for favorable reviews. A message specifying the details of the campaign’s specifics called on the constituents of popular gaming channel Machinima who wanted a few extra dollars to film 30 seconds

Picture 26

You’ve NEVER Seen Pulp Fiction Like THIS Before *SPOILERS*

CineFix has created yet another incredible homage to both the 8-bit world and cinema with their release of an abridged 8-bit game play version of Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. The vid showcases classic scenes from the cinematic masterpiece: everywhere from the backseat brain-stew fiasco, to the rockabilly dance off down at Jack Rabbit Slim’s. This video

Game Developer Censors Critics?!

“Day One: Garry’s Incident” released on October 18th, much to the chagrin of gamers everywhere because it’s awful. One YouTuber, The Cynical Brit put up his review, only to have it pulled for copyright infringement. It’s seems the game’s developer Wild Games Studios didn’t like the use of footage from the game in The Cynical

11 Drunk Guys Play The Scariest Game Ever!

In a move of blind stupidity and awesome-ness a group of friends decided to get drunk and play a horror game! That move grew into a channel that hosts regular videos with 11 drunk men getting so scared, they scream like women, and pee a little every time. Their latest drunken adventure takes them through