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Things Guys Say to Lesbians (And Shouldn’t)!

Things Guys Say to Lesbians (And Shouldn’t)!

I wonder how they would react if some random person asked them if they could watch having sex. I’m sure that question would seem way less appealing!

Same-Sex Marriages Have Begun In New Jersey!

Just after midnight last night, same-sex couples across the state of New Jersey were married, with seven of those marriages taking place at city hall! The seven lucky couples were married by Mayor and Senator-elect Cory Booker. The New Jersey State Supreme court ruled on Friday that weddings could take place Monday morning, sending a

Grandfather Writes Amazing Letter Supporting Grandson

When this man’s grandson, Chad, came out to the family that he was gay, Chad’s clearly close-minded mother responded by kicking him out of the house. Well Chad’s grandfather didn’t take kindly to what his daughter did, and wrote this stern letter reprimanding her. It’s so beautiful to see a man support his kin, even


Everyone is Gay!

The popular musical duo ‘A Great Big World’ released a new song, ‘Everyone is Gay,’ that is perfect for the festivities after DOMA and Prop 8 were ruled unconstitutional. ‘A Great Big World’ was challenged by the creators of the website EveryoneIsGay.com to create the ‘gay-est song ever,’ and it’s adorable!


FunnyorDie’s New Blockbuster ‘World War G’

FunnyorDie.com created an awesome World War Z parody, poking fun at the gay opposition’s worst nightmare!


Exodus International Calls It Quits

Exodus International, the religious group that claims that they are able to ‘cure the gay away,’ have announced that they are shutting down their operations. Alan Chambers, the CEO of Exodus International, posted this letter on the official website. To Members of the LGBTQ Community: In 1993 I caused a four-car pileup.  In a hurry


Awesome Marriage Equality Ad from Ireland

It’s 2013! The fact that we are still contemplating whether or not marriage should be equal for all baffles me. A LGBT rights group in Ireland created a powerful commercial capturing the frustration gay and lesbian couples have when it comes to marriage.


Early Humans Love Calling Samesies!

Since the dawn of time, people have loved to hang with their ‘samesies.’ Bros love hanging with their bros and ladies like hanging with their ladies. At one point in human history, humans had to make the difficult choice to stop hanging with their samesies to grow the human population, and life was never the


UN Human Rights Office Takes On Homophobia

The UN Human Rights YouTube channel posted a video bringing to light some of the hardships that the global LGBT community must face on a daily basis. The UN Human Rights Office has translated this video into a multitude of languages so that it can be shared worldwide. It is time for a change, and

Minnesota Governor Dayton

Minnesota Governor Signs Gay Marriage Into Law

The governor of Minnesota has just made marriage an option for same-sex couples starting on August 1st! Minnesota is the first state in the Midwest to legalize gay marriage by legislative vote, and is the third to legalize it in the past ten days. The Minnesota State Senate voted in favor of the bill 37-30,


Jason Collins Coming Out!

Jason Collins of the Washington Wizards has officially come out as gay, making him the first active gay male athlete. Jason wanted to have control over his announcement of his sexuality, not to have it publicized by TMZ. Collins was on the cover of the most recent Sport’s Illustrated, which also included an article which


How Will Repealing DOMA Help Americans?

This week, the Supreme Court is set to hear both sides of the argument for California’s Prop 8 and DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act).


Gay British Teen Set On Fire at Birthday Party

Steven Simpson, a gay teen from Britain, was set ablaze back in Summer 2012 during his 18th birthday party because of his sexual orientation and disabilities.