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What You Didn’t Know About Star Wars!

Thank your lucky stars, Star Wars fans, because you nearly lost a very dear character. io9 recently released a list of “10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi.” The list highlights 10 facts about the inner workings of the film that could have drastically changed the series, including


Star Wars Episode VII Has A Writer!

It’s all happening so fast! Almost three weeks after Disney bought Lucasfilm (Which also came with the announcement of a new series of continuing Star Wars films and droves of fans speculating the hell out of who may write/direct this new series), an official announcement was made on StarWars.com this past Friday (11/9) that Toy



DISNEY+STAR WARS+TUMBLR DISNEY+STAR WARS+TUMBLR = A whole bunch of Nerdy Yesness.  The announcement of the Disney acquisition of LucasFilms was sure to generate a flurry of frenzied fan reaction.  And the best place to monitor said fanatic frenzy is Tumblr.  Here are some pics reaped from the goldmine.