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Google Reveals OS for Smartwatches!

Google has announced Android Wear, a version of the mobile OS specfically designed for wearable devices such as watches, and Motorola announced the Moto 360, a watch designed for Android Wear.

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Here’s The Plan: You Make the Content, I Make the Money!

Youtube recently launched it’s new controversial Content ID system, and it hasn’t been going well. Youtuber and rapper, Dan Bull, highlights the system’s issues in a scarily accurate rap song. In the song, Bull summarizes what the system does, why it’s failing, and why change may be inevitable. He even gives examples of youtubers who

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YouTube Upgrades Comment Section!

YouTube is rolling out it’s newly upgraded comment system that it announced this past September. Prior to the new changes, comments were barely organized with no ability to follow a conversation. Now with better sorting options, and Google + integration, finding actually meaningful YouTube comments is a breeze! The new default settings will have comments

Man Uses Google Earth To Reunite With Family!

Get the tissue boxes out and prepare yourself for the amazing story of Saroo Brierley, who used Google Earth to find his way back home after 26 years. Brierley fell asleep on a train when he was five years old. When he woke up, his family was gone and he had no idea where he

Google Is Going To Use You In Their Ads?!

Internet giant, Google, is going to begin advertising utilizing their users faces, reviews, recommendations, and endorsements starting on November 11th. Digital protests have already begun, with users changing their Google+ profile photos to the face of Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt, so it’s his face that appears in the ads rather than their own. Google explains

YouTube Is Fixing the Comment Section!

Navigating the comment section on any YouTube video is like navigating a minefield of racism, misogyny, and hate. It might not be that way anymore now that Google is changing how comments are managed! The new system, which begins rolling out to a limited number of Tubers starting today, favors relevance over how recent a


Adblock Will Allow Advertising?!

With internet ads becoming more and more irritating by the day, is there a way to strike a deal and find a middle ground in all this obnoxiousness? Adblock founder Till Faida seems to think so. Faida created Adblock to make ads disappear from websites so users can just enjoy the content they’re seeking. In


Google’s Self-Driving Cars Steal Jobs?

The idea behind Google’s self-driving cars is pretty nifty, but what does it mean for the long-term? TechCrunch published a little piece of fiction that depicted a future where the personal driving service Uber would be start switching their services over to self-driving vehicles. There are many pros to switching to sensor-studded cars, but what