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Paramount Pictures has just given the green-light for 3 new Terminator movies that are scheduled for release in 2015.

Brace yourselves: Former California govern-ator Arnold Schwarzenegger will be returning to his role as the Terminator in the new films.

While at an event in Sydney, Schwarzenegger stated:

“I’m very happy that the studios want me to be in Terminator 5 and to star as the Terminator, which we start shooting in January.”

There isn’t a director or other cast members yet, but Laeta Kalogridis, the screenwriter for Shutter Island, and Patrick Lussier, writer for Drive Angry, have signed on to write the story.

The movie is scheduled to be released June 26th, 2015, around the same time as Independence Day 2.


Do you think there is a need for more Terminator movies? Was there a need for the third and fourth movies?


Rick Perry

In a shocking move, Texas Governor Rick Perry did something no other elected official would do in their right mind: he vetoed two bills against his own party.

In the past month Perry vetoed two bills that were Republican backed and sponsored.

The first of the two, SB 346 requires 501(c)4 welfare groups to disclose who donors are if they donated over $1,000 and if the group spends more than 25,000 per year.

The legislation was created to fix a loophole in political donations where welfare groups have donated hundreds of millions of dollars to support candidates and have not disclosed who provided the initial large donation for them to do so in the first place. Perry stated:

“My fear is that SB 346 would have a chilling effect on both of those rights in our democratic political process. While regulation is necessary in the administration of Texas political finance laws, no regulation is tolerable that puts anyone’s participation at risk or that can be used by any government, organization or individual to intimidate those who choose to participate in our process through financial means.”

The second and more shocking shot down bill was the ‘Buy American’ bill. In it, the state would have to buy an american product over an imported product if they have the same value and quality. The bill passed in the Texas Senate 23-7, and in the House 145-0.

Perry has yet to release a statement on why the second bill was killed on his desk.


What method do you think is Rick Perry’s end game? Tell us your theory in the comments down below!


Minnesota Governor Dayton

The governor of Minnesota has just made marriage an option for same-sex couples starting on August 1st!

Minnesota is the first state in the Midwest to legalize gay marriage by legislative vote, and is the third to legalize it in the past ten days. The Minnesota State Senate voted in favor of the bill 37-30, and the House passed it last week 75-59.

The sentiment on gay marriage shifted quickly in Minnesota after voters defeated an amendment that would have banned gay marriage in the state constitution. The groups leading the campaign against the amendment began to turn the legislature towards legalization, and the effort was further aided when Democrats captured full control of the state government in November. Senator Latz spoke on the floor in favor of the bill.

Gay Marriage

The passage of the bill did not pass without protest. Senator Dan Hall left the Senate stating that he would rather be on the right side of eternity, rather than on the right side of history.

Minnesota will be joining Rhode Island, and Delaware as one of three states to legalize same-sex marriage in the last couple of weeks.


Do you think there will ever be a nationwide legalization of gay marriage? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments down below.


After surviving three assassination plots to kill him, Rosario Crocetta has just been elected as the first openly gay governor of Sicily

Crocetta is representing a coalition of Italy’s center-left Democratic party and the Catholic UDC Party. He just beat out Nello Musumeci, who was representing the right-wing party of premier Silvio Berlusconi.

A devout Catholic, Crocetta has long claimed that southern Italy is much more relaxed about gay politicians than appearances indicate. He stated:

“There is a great respect for the indiviual, making it less homophobic than the north.”

This hasn’t stopped the candidate from making a few enemies though. When he was elected mayor of Gela in 2008, Crocetta convinces local business to stop paying protection money to the mafia, claiming that coming out showed him the severe oppression Sicily was under from mafia control. A mob boss, who hired a Lithuanian assassin for a failed bid to kill the mayor was less than tolerant of his sexual orientation. The wiretapped call recorded him calling Crocetta “this queer communist”.

Not only is it a marked achievement that Crocetta was elected as an openly gay politician, he is also the first left wing candidate to win and the first anti-mafia candidate to win.

“Today is more than an election result,” Crocetta says, ” It is a date with history.”

The newly elected governor or president of Sicily as it is sometimes called has a long record as champion of government reform. His role as leader in Sicily’s anti mafia movement played a key role in garnering many of the votes in Gela.

Locals defend the courageous politician, one magistrate saying:

“The clans may ridicule Crocetta’s sexuality, but it’s the backing he gave businesses that refuse to pay protection that really drove them mad.”

The plucky candidate has suggested that a surprising number of members of the mafia clan Cosa Nostra are homosexuals.  “The idea that the mafia is all church, home, and shotguns make me laugh.”

Magistrate Antonio Ingroia of Palermo agreed with Crocetta’s assertion, adding that he believes that there are several head mafiosos who are gay. “It remains taboo, because they’re afraid of being ejected from the mob.”

Whatever the case may be, our sincerest congratulations go out to the newly elected official, Governor Rosario Crocetta.


Do you think that sexual orientation should play a factor in the election of a politician? Why or why not? Tell us in the comments below!


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