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Schwarzenegger Will Star in Terminator Reboot

Schwarzenegger Will Star in Terminator Reboot

Paramount Pictures has just given the green-light for 3 new Terminator movies that are scheduled for release in 2015. Brace yourselves: Former California govern-ator Arnold¬†Schwarzenegger will be returning to his role as the Terminator in the new films. While at an event in Sydney, Schwarzenegger stated: “I’m very happy that the studios want me to

Rick Perry

Rick Perry Sucks At Being Governor!

In a shocking move, Texas Governor Rick Perry did something no other elected official would do in their right mind: he vetoed two bills against his own party. In the past month Perry vetoed two bills that were Republican backed and sponsored. The first of the two, SB 346 requires 501(c)4 welfare groups to disclose

Minnesota Governor Dayton

Minnesota Governor Signs Gay Marriage Into Law

The governor of Minnesota has just made marriage an option for same-sex couples starting on August 1st! Minnesota is the first state in the Midwest to legalize gay marriage by legislative vote, and is the third to legalize it in the past ten days. The Minnesota State Senate voted in favor of the bill 37-30,


Sicily Elects First Gay Governor

After surviving three assassination plots to kill him, Rosario Crocetta has just been elected as the first openly gay governor of Sicily Crocetta is representing a coalition of Italy’s center-left Democratic party and the Catholic UDC Party. He just beat out Nello Musumeci,¬†who was representing the right-wing party of premier Silvio Berlusconi. A devout Catholic,