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GTAV (4)

GTAV: Then vs. Now!

GTAV: Then vs. Now!

GTAV will be hitting next gen consoles this fall, and the comparison shots between the PS3 and the PS4 are mindblowing!

Trevor from GTA: V Tells Fan To Go Eff Himself!

Warning: Video Contains Foul Language and is quite loud. At this year’s New York Comic-Con, a fan asked video game voice actor, Stephen Ogg, to tell him off as Trevor from GTA: V. The fan got what he asked for and more when Ogg slipped completely into character, stomped over to him, and screamed in

GTAV Mythbusters

Grand Theft Auto V Mythbusters!

YouTuber Defend The House decided to make a mythbuster-esque video specifically for some of ‘myths’ surrounding Grand Theft Auto V! In the newest iteration of GTA, the open expansive world lends the opportunity to do some pretty crazy things. Some of those things however are just rumors, and that’s where the mythbusting begins! Nation What

gta 5 online gameplay

Rockstar Announces GTA 5 Online Multiplayer!

The world of Grand Theft Auto has just expanded even further with the Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Multiplayer! Cause mayhem on a more global scale with the new online multiplayer in Grand Theft Auto 5! From pulling heists to joining crews, the game promises an ever changing, ever expanding world that will keep you


The Latest Trailers for GTA:V Have Arrived!

The latest trailers for Grand Theft Auto V have dropped introducing three of characters! Nation meet Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. Each character has his own unique story to play through (with some crossover of course), and each one is just as crazy entertaining as the other. Michael is a millionaire going through a midlife crisis


GTA IV: There will be Consequences!

After YouTuber MtIceman loaded his newly installed copy of GTA IV, where apparently karmic retribution is not something that is slow coming.


Warcraft Film, GTA, & Video Games vs Guns

The wait is over for Warcraft fans, as a director has finally been chosen to take up the MMO film.


Details On GTA V Released

Rockstar is pulling out all the stops on their latest addition to the Grand Theft Auto¬†franchise, and they are making GTA V bigger than any game they’ve ever made. Also, I think the folks at Rockstar have been playing a lot of¬†The Sims, for some reason. Take a look after the jump.


Rockstar Announces GTA V Release Date!

After a possible leak, Rockstar gives fans of the long running series a release date.