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Here’s Your Worldstar Vertical Video of the Day!

Here’s Your Worldstar Vertical Video of the Day!

A man, presumably on something, was caught on camera imitating GTA V and hit 6 parked cars, 2 houses, and a person!

Screen shot 2013-12-19 at 12.42.56 PM

Crazy Woman Hits Man, Gets Hit Back

The story behind the video is a little shaky, but according to the comments made by the user who posted the video, the man in the video was attacked by the woman for confusing reasons and chose to hit back. A second video was posted shortly after the first: The man identified as Kerry Johnson,

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Epic Volleyball Hit Will Make You Cringe!

Wait for it…BAM!! Cringe – tastic!

Range Rover Hits Motorcycle, Bikers Attack Driver [UPDATED]

A startling video hit the internet over the weekend, when a Range Rover accidentally hits a motorcyclist is attacked and runs over several more bikers in the process of fleeing. The video shows the SUV bumping into a motorcycle that stopped in front of him. As a result, the other riders around him began to


Instant Karma: Thief Hit By Bus

A thief in Bogotá, Colombia attempted to steal a cellphone from a women in a bus station and karma immediately punished him. The thief only received minor injuries and the cellphone was returned to the woman. I guess you could say he was ‘BUS-ted!’ Credit for that awesome joke comes from YouTube commenter al’capone killa!   QUESTION


Deer Crashes Through Bus Windshield, Lives!

A deer crashed through a bus windshield in Johnstown, Pennsylvania last night, and thankfully it survived! Even more good news: The whole deer VS bus battle was caught on video! Check it out!   QUESTION Have you ever hit an animal? (Don’t worry, we won’t judge) How many people have you hit? (Now you are

John Lajoie Thumb

Jon Lajoie Started As A Baby!

Jon Lajoie has dropped the video for his newest single ‘Started As A Baby’ and it is poppin’! The video has everything you could want and more: sexy ladies, cars, and a baby? That’s right kids, cause we all started out as babies too and look how far we’ve come! You can read! I bet


Woman Nearly Run Over By Train!

Caught on camera in Brazil is a woman who is pulled off the train tracks literally at the last minute. Listed below are the things you should pretty much never risk your life for: 1. Pretty much any material object you have on your person. 2. Yes, that includes your cell phone. Apparently this woman in

kick-ass 2

Kick-Ass 2 Red Band Trailer is Here!

The Kick-Ass 2 Red Band Trailer has just exploded all over the Internet!


Idiot Tests Axe Durability With Stomach & Car

Need to test the strength of your personal axe? Ask this guy!


Harry Styles Gets Hit in the Balls!

One Direction Pop Star Harry Styles had not one but TWO shoes thrown at him, however it was the second one that hit home. During a concert on Tuesday in Glasgow, Scotland, Harry Styles and One Direction bandmates bantered with fans during a break. Suddenly a wild shoe appeared! The shoe was then picked up


Hit By A Bus Super-cut is Awesome!

The super-cut you didn’t know that you needed exists: Every time a character is hit conveniently by a bus or car. Super-cut creator Harry Hanrahan is pleased to delight us again with yet another fantastic cut. With favorites like Regina George getting her comeuppance via yellow school bus, and all of the Final Destination films it’s hard to look


Teen Busted for Drunk Hit & Run Facebook Post

18-year-old Jacob Cox-Brown from Astoria, Oregon was arrested on Wednesday for a hit and run. Why is this news, you ask? Jacob was arrested because he posted about the incident on his Facebook profile.