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Troy Family 1

Hurricane Sandy’s Christmas Miracle

The Troy family was devastated by the loss of their home to Hurricane Sandy. With their home gutted, they had no place to go, until now. Kerry and Chris Troy were struggling. They had no idea where they would be spending their holidays after Hurricane Sandy destroyed the family home. For the first week they

Biggest Trends 2012 (2)

Biggest Trends of 2012

Another year has come, gone, and what would it be without Google or Facebook telling us what were the biggest trends from this year. There were a lot of random, strange, and quite possibly dirty searches made on Google this year. Luckily the company went through all the data for us and compiled a Zeitgeist


New Jersey Residents Can Vote By E-mail

It’s been bound to happen sooner or later. With the devastation following Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey’s state office decided to give their polling places and residents a break and classified those affected by the storm as “overseas voters,” thus making them eligible to vote by e-mail.


Hurricane Sandy’s Bone Chilling Discovery

Hurricane Sandy uproots a 100-year-old tree only to reveal a human skull and rib cage entangled in the trees roots. A woman named Katie Carbo found the remains at around 3:15 pm. Visibly attached to the roots of the tree was the back of a skull, upside down with its mouth open. The skull was

New Yorkers Brace For Inclement Weather As Sandy Approaches

Hurricane Common Sense Survival Guide

Hurricane Common Sense Survival Guide   With superstorm Sandy about to hit the east coast, I figured it be a good time to share some easy ways to, ya know, not die in a hurricane!  I took a few natural disaster survival classes not too long ago, and basically, it just boils down to this