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Anna Faith (1)

Anna Faith is a Real Life Elsa!

Instagram user Anna Faith became famous the world over for her amazing cosplay as Elsa from ‘Frozen’!


L.A Clippers Owner Donald Sterling’s Racist Rant

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was caught on tape telling his girlfriend that he doesn’t want her associating with black people or posting pictures with black people on Instagram.


Instagram is NOT the way to Dump Someone!

We thought dumping someone via text message was the worst way to go about it, but apparently we were wrong.


Nick Cannon Decided That Whiteface Was A Good Idea

Nick Cannon has been busy promoting his new album, White People Party Music which hits stores on April 1. But we’re thinking he may have taken his album title a bit too seriously…

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 11.20.29 AM

Meet Jen Selter, Owner Of The Best Butt on Instagram!

Jen Selter is a well-known Instagram model. I’ll give you three guesses why. If you need a hint, check out this feature by Barcroft TV!

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Instagram Direct Introduces Photo Messaging

Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom announced the app’s official private messaging system so you can add filters to those special photos you send to your significant other. The press event revealed details regarding Intstagram Direct, which allows users to directly send a photo a friend or a group of friends instead of posting it to their

Caroline Eriksen

Woman Harassed For Post Birth Instagram Photo

When fitness blogger Caroline Berg Eriksen posted a photo of her tone body just four days after giving birth, people got their pitchforks ready. Mommy bloggers were the first round of people to spout a serious amount of hate towards Eriksen, whom they congratulated and disgraced for her immediate ‘weight loss’. Blogger Rebecca Sparrow even

Svetlana Bilyalova

Svetlana Bilyalova: Lovely Lady of the Day

Our lovely lady of the day, Svetlana Bilyalova, comes to us from mother russia, and she is stunning! The 21-year old model loves fitness and spends a great deal of time working out at the gym. Check out the gallery of the elegant Ms. Bilyalova below!


Kendall Jenner Turns 18 and this happens…

Kendall posted this on her instagram and has been getting love and hate for it because of the whole “you can see her nipples” thing. Personally I’m a fan of seeing more of the most attractive Kardashian sister but I have to ask… Empowering or Desperate? …also lets act like I’ve only been following her

We Salute The Return of Kim Kardashian’s Booty

While the general worth of Kim Kardashian on our society is a question that lingers in my mind, it is easily pushed aside by the lizard/ape part of my brain enticed by the superficial. I am man. I am flawed. I’m not saying I want to have the sexy times with Kim K, but I


Ads Are Coming to Instagram!

Instagram announced to the Wall Street Journal that advertisements will be integrated into the app over the next year. Emily White, Instagram’s Director of Business Operations, has stated that there isn’t a ‘set date’ for ads rolling out, and they haven’t found an effective way of integrating them, but it is going to happen. White

lauren hanley

Lauren Hanley: Instagram Hottie of the Day

Any of you heard about Lauren Hanley? Well prepare your brains, kids. Let me learn you some! Lauren Hanley is a 20-year-old from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and is currently living in Los Angeles. She isn’t well known name yet, but believe you me, she is going to make her mark soon. Check out our little