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4Chan and Reddit Have A New Hero!

YouTube user Sir Fedora just started making videos, and like any 10 year old YouTuber, he has a long way to go before he gains much of a following. Unless, of course, 4chan and reddit step in. Sir Fedora made a video about how excited he was about getting a single like on his introduction


Military Boot Camp for Internet Addiction?!

Describing it as, and subsequently treating it as a behavioral disorder, internet ‘addicted’ adolescents are sent to the military style school where they are forced to participate in a three- to four-month program that involves physical training, medication, therapy sessions and nutrition control in order to ‘cure’ them of what they call ‘electronic heroin’. Though,

Mckee and Katie

Guys Asks The Internet To Help Find A Girl

New Zealander Reese McKee has asked the internet to help him reconnect with a mysterious girl named Katie he met last New Year’s Eve. The story that resembles “Serendipity” mixed with the hopeless romanticism of Ted Mosby started in Hong Kong. McKee spoke of the evening: “I was just walking around and admiring the lights