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Flappy Bird Creator Considering “Returning” To App Store

Flappy Bird Creator Considering “Returning” To App Store

Exactly one month after Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen took down his hit viral game from the iOS app store, the developer has said he’s considering putting the game back up once again.


Vertical Video Syndrome Cured!

New app called Horizon, from mobile development company Evil Window Dog, appears to be the start to curing vertical videos! Finally someone developed an app that allows you to hold your phone any way you want while still spitting out a video that fills up the entire screen. Right now it’s only available for Apple


World’s Most Annoying Alarm Clock!

Do you have a habit of hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock every morning? This alarm clock app for iOS and Android devices will make sure you will never again sleep through an alarm.


PS4 Announcement & iPhone 5 Jailbreak!

The latest jailbreak for the updated iOS 6 is here and is the compatible with the iPhone 5 and all of Apple’s latest devices.


Cool App, Bro!

Cool App, Bro! I’ve been digging this app (currently iPhone only) for the past couple of days called “Arranger” by Ayopa Games. The game was designed by professional music composer Arman Bohn, so the music is kind of a big part of the game. The best way to describe it is, it’s like an RPG


75% of Phones Worldwide are running Android

3/4 of the smartphones around the world are now running on Google’s Android operation system. This means that Android now accounts for roughly 75% of the market for smartphone OS’s, bringing it up from the 52.5% it was at last year. Some are attributing a large amount of that gain to Samsung which has sold


XBox SmartGlass Now Available for iOS

The XBox Smartglass app that launched on the Andoid over a week ago is now available for iOS. iPhone and iPad users can now get their Smartglass on and control their XBox consoles with even more ease than before. Technically the app is just an update of the pre-existing XBox live app, but whatever the