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Free Games and Great Sequels Make The Holidays Awesome!

Free Games and Great Sequels Make The Holidays Awesome!

Gaming site GOG.com is giving away Fallout, and The Room 2 has been released for the iPad, making this holiday season awesome! Hurray for free games! Gaming site GOG.com is offering a promotion that offers Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics for free! There’s about 18 hours left, so get it while you can right


Worst Thief Ever?!

Pizza restaurant The Pie Hole was a victim of a recent robbery—I mean attempted robbery because the one thing the crook was after he couldn’t get away with! This brazen thief broke one of the large front windows of the restaurant to steal an iPad displayed on the front counter. However, the concept of actually


Apple Gives Away Apps for Anniversary

The fifth anniversary of the Apple App Store is upon us, and Apple has made some of their most popular apps free! Applications ranging in price from $5 to $20 are free for the first time ever. Popular games like Infinity Blade II, Tiny Wings, Where’s My Water? and Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP! Apps such as Traktor DJ and Day One are also available


FAA To Allow Use of Electronics During Takeoff

The FAA has finally realized that passengers are little devils and still use electronics during takeoff and landing, so they looking to relax their policy to allow electronics during the entire duration of the flight. The FAA still doesn’t allow phone calls, but this new policy comes as no surprise. Pilots have been using iPads in the cockpits


Winter is Coming, So Download Xbox SmartGlass!

HBO and Xbox are teaming up for the upcoming season premiere of Game of Thrones!


Woman Scammed into Buying a Fake iPad Twice!

Jolanta Freeman, a resident of Arlington, Texas, was scammed into buying an iPad from a gas station for $200 … and buy iPad I mean a mirror covered in cardboard and duct tape. YouTuber phonelosersofamerica was able to get a hold of Jolanta’s phone number and posed as an Apple employee and offered her a

dead space

New iPad, Microsoft Office & Dead Space 3

Apple is set to released the 5th generation iPad, but really it’s just a beefed up iPad 2 and we all know it!


XBox SmartGlass Now Available for iOS

The XBox Smartglass app that launched on the Andoid over a week ago is now available for iOS. iPhone and iPad users can now get their Smartglass on and control their XBox consoles with even more ease than before. Technically the app is just an update of the pre-existing XBox live app, but whatever the


Wired: The Game Console Is Dead (It’s Not)

Per usual, Wired‘s become bored, or they just don’t think people are looking at them enough, so they announce that something is dead. This time, it’s the game console.


Apple’s iPad Mini Event: The Essentials

So, Tim Cook and company took to the stage today to show off their revamped product line as well as adding the long-awaited iPad Mini to the Apple family. We’re going to break it down for you.