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iPhone 5

iPhone5S Fingerprint Scanner Is Not That Secure!

Have an overly jealous significant other? Think that the iPhone 5S’s new fingerprint scanner will keep them from going through your phone? Guess again, because it can be easily hacked! Hackers from Chaos Computer Club in Germany have already fooled the fingerprint sensor that they claim is the same as any other sensor. By taking

iPhone 5

You Cannot Open An iPhone With A Severed Finger

If you were worried about losing your fingers in order to open your iPhone, you can relax. The phone requires a little more than just your fingerprint. The iPhone’s Touch ID fingerprint system uses a radio frequency to scan and detect the sub-epidermal layers of your skin. This dynamic requires the owner of the finger


XBox SmartGlass Now Available for iOS

The XBox Smartglass app that launched on the Andoid over a week ago is now available for iOS. iPhone and iPad users can now get their Smartglass on and control their XBox consoles with even more ease than before. Technically the app is just an update of the pre-existing XBox live app, but whatever the