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Wes Anderson’s New Short Film ‘CASTELLO CAVALCANTE’

Wes Anderson’s New Short Film ‘CASTELLO CAVALCANTE’

Wes Anderson’s new short film, presented by PRADA entitled, ‘CASTELLO CAVALCANTE’ is a dry quirky character driven vignette into the life of an American race car driver misplaced in Italy during the mid 1950s. Anderson once again teams up with Jason Schwartzman and Roman Coppola for this short, actually shot in a studio in Rome.


Scientists Discover the Gate to Hell

Archaeologists in Turkey may have discovered the legendary Gate to Hell, aka Pluto’s Gate.


Joel McHale is One Sexy Comedian

Joel McHale is a fantastic comedian, writer, and one very sexy man. McHale is most well known for hosting the E! series The Soup, that recaps the week’s pop culture and television moments. He also plays the character of Jeff Winger in the popular TV series, Community. McHale has also been known to work on


Italian Catholic Church to Pay Taxes

The Catholic Church in Italy will be forced to pay property taxes starting in 2013 after a measure was passed stripping it of it’s longstanding exemption. Pressure from the European Union ultimately resulted in the passing of a controversial bill that stripped the Church of it’s historical property tax exemption. The exemption excluded the Church


Sicily Elects First Gay Governor

After surviving three assassination plots to kill him, Rosario Crocetta has just been elected as the first openly gay governor of Sicily Crocetta is representing a coalition of Italy’s center-left Democratic party and the Catholic UDC Party. He just beat out Nello Musumeci,¬†who was representing the right-wing party of premier Silvio Berlusconi. A devout Catholic,


Scientists Convicted Of Manslaughter For Earthquake

http://youtu.be/Qujuo7BS2HE In 2009 an earthquake hit central Italy and killed more than 300 people. A pretty bad natural disaster. Except the courts think some people were responsible. Scientists, specifically, for failing to adequately warn people. Of a natural disaster. The sort of which there’s no reliable way to track.