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Japan’s Liberation Wrapper Stirs Up Controversy!

Japan has some particularly strange customs, and one of them involves women keeping their mouths as small as possible. “Ochobo” is the belief that when a woman has a large mouth or opens her mouth to wide it’s considered disgusting. To remedy this issue, a burger joint created “The Liberation Wrapper” which hides a woman’s


Japanese Company Creates World’s First Wearable Mech Suit

What is one thing Avatar, District 9, and real life all have in common? MECH SUITS! Japanese tech company Sagawa Electronics has created the Powered Jacket MK3, a functional mech suit that stands at over seven feet tall. The creators of this futuristic robot suit claim it “is the first commercial product in the world


‘The Wolverine’ Trailer Exclusive is Here!

Fox has released an awesome trailer exclusive for ‘The Wolverine.’ The first trailer for the Wolverine didn’t get me too excited for another solo Hugh Jackman X-Men movie, but this trailer has got me pumped! Check it out! Even that cheesy train fighting sequence looks better! I’m pumped for this film, how about you guys?


Macklemore’s ‘Can’t Hold Us’ is the Sh*t

I have had a pretty serious Macklemore addiction for the past few months, and Reddit is not helping with my recovery! Redditor Ahmedxflame posted this awesome video of a dance crew in Japan performing their choreographed routine of Macklemore’s, ‘Can’t Hold Us.’ Check it out! That was very entertaining Guillaume Lorentz! I have now watched


Jessica Nigri Visits Japan! Oh Goodness!

The Nation’s favorite, Jessica Nigri, recently posted some photos from her shoot in Japan and sent us some behind-the-scene footage. Ms. Nigri was doing a little photoshoot for GrassHopper Manufacturer, a game developer, to help to promote their new game, Killer is Dead! Down below, we put together a little gallery of some of her


Ice Cream in a Condom?! YUM!

YouTuber JyuusanKaidan recorded herself and her friend attempting to demonstrate how to properly eat ‘Egg Ice Cream,’ but video just turns into this strange sexual innuendo that just keeps going and going. According to the girls, the ice cream is pretty tasty but very messy. Sharla, the owner of the channel, is a student in Japan and posts