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10 American Accents in Two Minutes – Nailed It!

10 American Accents in Two Minutes – Nailed It!

This man is one of the best dialect coaches in the UK! Stand back and be blown away by his expertise!


Two Men Act Out Two Older Ladies Conversations

Nik of the YouTube channel The Kloons recorded conversations between his mother and his aunt. Then, he re-enacted those conversations!

Mnozil Brass

A Lazy Man and His Band

This lazy man refuses to do anything more than move his fingers in order to make a little music in his life. The musical group Mnozil Brass now famous for their lazy man routine, is from Austria. They specialize in the presentation of each musical piece injected with Austrian style humor. It’s often characterized as “jet


Ice Cream in a Condom?! YUM!

YouTuber JyuusanKaidan recorded herself and her friend attempting to demonstrate how to properly eat ‘Egg Ice Cream,’ but video just turns into this strange sexual innuendo that just keeps going and going. According to the girls, the ice cream is pretty tasty but very messy. Sharla, the owner of the channel, is a student in Japan and posts


Donald Trump + Steven Colbert + Barack Obama = Hilarity!

For the past week Donald Trump has been publicizing that he has information on President Barack Obama that would be very damaging to his campaign but as it turns out the news was mostly about Donald Trump.