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Kenyan Mall Siege Over, Amazing Story Unveiled

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has stated the siege, which began at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, has ended with 67 dead and over 100 injured. 61 of the dead were civilians with 6 of the forces attempting to end the siege killed in action. Five of the attackers were killed as well, and 11 terrorists were


68 Dead In Kenyan Hostage Situation

Islamic extremists have taken hostages in Kenya’s Westgate Mall, leaving 68 dead as the crisis continues. It’s been 30 hours since Islamic extremists took over the Westgate Mall in Kenya. A large explosion rocked the upscale shopping center, as the rescue operation recovered nine more bodies, raising the death toll to 68. The blast was


Donald Trump + Steven Colbert + Barack Obama = Hilarity!

For the past week Donald Trump has been publicizing that he has information on President Barack Obama that would be very damaging to his campaign but as it turns out the news was mostly about Donald Trump.