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Xbox One Doesn’t Require a Kinect

Xbox One Doesn’t Require a Kinect

Microsoft announced today that the Xbox One can run without the Kinect being plugged in. A few months back, Microsoft announced that they changed some of the DMR features, and now the Kinect is changing too. They have stated that the Kinect can be completely unplugged, and the Xbox One system will still work. You


Imagine Xbox One Was Your Girlfriend

Many gamers are a bit peeved at Xbox One’s ‘always on’ feature and the fact that Microsoft is focusing more on the TV watching experience than gaming. YouTube’s IFockingHateThat uploaded a funny sketch voicing their complaints towards the Xbox One in a very sexy way. Check it out!   QUESTION Are you excited for the Xbox

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There Are Already Problems With the Xbox One

After the somewhat disappointing press conference yesterday for the Xbox One, there are a number of things that need clarification. Yesterday, viewers who tuned into the live stream were told that Xbox One would not have to be always online and gamers rejoiced. However, Kotaku was able to interview Microsoft VP Phil Harrison who stated that the Xbox will

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What You Need To Know About The Xbox One

Today the successor to the popular XBox 360 console has been unveiled. Meet the Xbox One. The new console from Microsoft boasts an 8 gig core CPU and 8 gigs of system memory. It will have a 500GB hard drive with a Blu ray drive, 802.11n wireless with wifi direct, HDMI in and out, and

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Christopher Nolan and New Gaming Tech

Fresh off of finishing the Dark Knight Trilogy, director Christopher Nolan may have already lined up his next project. Nolan is reportedly in talks to direct the sci-fi film Interstellar. The script was written by his brother Jonathan Nolan and based on the theories of theoretical, gravitational and astrophysicist Kip Thorne. Prior to Nolan, director Steven Spielberg was once

Nerd Porn: Dead Space 3, Electric Cars and Superheroes

Dead Space 3, Electric Cars, and Superheroes

It’s going to be a brand new year, and 2013 is already looking to be an up and down year. Starting things off is news on the upcoming survival horror Dead Space 3. As mentioned before, the demo for the exciting will be dropping in just 23 days. In a recent interview reported by Kotaku, DS3 executive producter

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HoloHands: Kinect-Controlled Lasers

HoloHands: Kinect-controlled Lasers! Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect was the first to eliminate the remote and change the way gaming is played.  Regardless of whether you are a Kinect fan or not, the tech behind it is pretty awesome: webcam to create image, IR laser to measure distance, and a unique microchip to track people in 3D.