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North Korea’s Nukes, Subs and China’s Alliance

North Korea’s Nukes, Subs and China’s Alliance

North Korea threatened a preemptive nuclear strike against the United States a few weeks ago. Most recently, North Korea has approved a nuclear strike against America, has restarted its nuclear facilities and has moved its missile launching stations closer to the sea. A while ago, Washington has assured US citizens that DPRK doesn’t have the


A Look into North Korea’s Prison Camps

While everyone has been terrified about what North Korea will be doing outside their borders, perhaps they should be equally concerned about what happens within them. The communist government has a sprawling network of prison camps that currently have up to 200,000 citizens imprisoned in conditions akin to Nazi concentration camps. Information about the camps have been limited until Shin Dong-hyuk

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North Korea Threatens Nuclear Strike on US

North Korea has threatened a preemptive nuclear strike against all foreign aggressors, most specifically the United States.

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North Korea’s Insane Propaganda

North Korea releases a propaganda film using Call of Duty and Michael Jackson. The latest piece of insane anti-american propaganda to come out of Korea uses some fairly distinctly american things. First off, they start with a man sleeping next to a canon camera. I’m unsure what the camera is supposed to signify, seeing as

Kim Jong Un

North Korea wants to End War with South Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has called for an end to the confrontation between North and South Korea. The two countries are still technically at war with each other due to the absence of a peace treaty that would have ended the conflict that began in the 1950′s. The annual New Year’s State address, which


North Korea Successfully Pisses Off the World

Late Tuesday evening, North Korea successfully launched a long-range missile around 7:49 pm EST into the Pacific Ocean. They claim to have launched a weather satellite into orbit, which was confirmed by NORAD.


Korea Building $264 Billion Dollar Mega City

The photos make it look like a city straight out of a Final Fantasy game but it’s actually South Korea’s latest tourism project entitled 8City. The mega city is set to cost around $264 billion dollars and would be the largest scale tourism project in the world, if it can get off the ground. The


North Korea Warns that Missiles Can Reach US Mainland

Over the past few years, the North Korean government has talked about improving their missile capabilities to “protect” against South Korea and the United States. They have tested many of different types of missiles, and threatened other countries with their nuclear weapons. On Tuesday, North Korea announced that they have developed missiles capable of reaching