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Adorable Toddler Doesn’t Understand Lasers!

The little girl who sheds crocodile tears keeps getting cuter! This time the toddler loses her tiny, little mind over a green laser. She just can’t seem to stop laughing at the silly light that keeps hiding from her. Nation What is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen a kid do? lasers


How to Fix A Bad Tattoo

Everyone at one time or another, has seen someone with a tattoo and thought, ‘They made a mistake!’

kinect straight view

HoloHands: Kinect-Controlled Lasers

HoloHands: Kinect-controlled Lasers! Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect was the first to eliminate the remote and change the way gaming is played. ┬áRegardless of whether you are a Kinect fan or not, the tech behind it is pretty awesome: webcam to create image, IR laser to measure distance, and a unique microchip to track people in 3D.

Massive Army Truck Laser Is Massive

Today in “wake up, we live in the future” news, Boeing has decided to set us on the path to an inevitable Imperial Empire. We’ve been wanting our laser weapons, and so here you go: Now it’s on an eight-wheeled, five hundred horsepower truck. Are you happy now? No? Well, it’s going to be tested