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Throwable 360 Camera

Throwable 360° Camera Will Blow Your Mind!

Throwable 360° Camera Will Blow Your Mind!

Inventor Steve Hollinger has created the first throwable panoramic camera, Squito, and it looks amazing! Think of the thousands of applications a throwable, 360° camera could have! Not only will Squito capture your memories in the most interesting way possible, but let’s say you need see the inside of a room before entering it? You


Cops Want Logs Of Your Text Messages

Law enforcement groups want wireless providers to store information about your text messages for at least two years. Y’know, just in case you might do something later.

Robocop Is Real. That Is All.

In many ways, the title isn’t all that off the mark. A Florida college is trying to get a program off the ground that will allow disabled police officers and wounded veterans to remotely take charge of a robot to be used in law enforcement on the street.