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Facebook Unveils Customizable Gender Option!

Facebook announced today that it is now allowing users to select a custom gender for their Facebook profile. The new initiative was announced by the Facebook Diversity program. Per a statement from Facebook’s Diversity team, there will be a handful of genders and settings users will be able to set-up: “This will open up a


Texans Defend Gay Couple!

Finally proof that not all Texans are as backwards as the stereotypes would lead you to believe! This hidden camera show plants a gay couple in a family restaurant. They have their kids with them when a “rude waitress” decides to voice her opinion of them and their life choices, but local Texans aren’t having


Brave Teen Actor Comes Out to School

“I’ve been acting every single day of my life,” teen Jacob Rudolph said. “You, see, I’ve been acting as someone I am not.” Jacob Rudolph stood courageously in front of his entire school while accepting his award for “Class Actor“, and gave a beautiful speech in which he came out as gay. Jacob said: “Most


Uganda to Pass Kill the Gays Bill

Uganda’s infamous Anti-Homosexuality Bill will pass before 2013. The bill, designed to persecute the gay population across the country is being put to vote before the end of the year, according to the Speaker of the Parliament Rebecca Kadaga. If the bill should pass, same-sex relationships will fall into two classes of offense: Aggravated Homosexuality