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The Joker Tells Luke He’s His Father!

The Joker Tells Luke He’s His Father!

Mark Hamill takes it to a whole new level by playing the Joker and Luke Skywalker in the classic ‘Luke, I am your father’ scene!

What You Didn’t Know About Star Wars!

Thank your lucky stars, Star Wars fans, because you nearly lost a very dear character. io9 recently released a list of “10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi.” The list highlights 10 facts about the inner workings of the film that could have drastically changed the series, including


Star Wars Episode VII Has A Writer!

It’s all happening so fast! Almost three weeks after Disney bought Lucasfilm (Which also came with the announcement of a new series of continuing Star Wars films and droves of fans speculating the hell out of who may write/direct this new series), an official announcement was made on StarWars.com this past Friday (11/9) that Toy


Angry Birds Star Wars Gameplay Trailer Released!

Nation, the Angry Birds Star Wars game play trailer dropped today and the new features look exciting! In addition to your normal pig smashing goodness that game has, there are new Jedi abilities given to your birds such as a light saber and blaster attacks. The game includes new powers, that allow your birds to