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The Last Days On Mars Trailer Released!

The Last Days On Mars Trailer Released!

The sci-fi horror ‘The Last Days On Mars‘ released its spine tingling trailer today and it looks absolutely terrifying! The film takes place on the last day of the first manned expedition to the red planet. On the eve of the crew’s return to Earth, two members discover fossilized evidence of life on Mars, and something


Zach Braff’s Kickstarter is Blowing Up!

Zach Braff is looking to direct and star in a new movie and he needs your help. Zach has created a Kickstarter for his new film, ‘Wish I Was Here,’ and he is looking for fans that are willing to donate $2 million to produce his new film. Check out his pitch! On his Kickstarter

NASA Mars Penis Thumb

Did NASA Just Draw A Penis On Mars?!

A picture recently beamed from the Curiosity rover leaves the internet wondering: Did NASA just draw a penis on Mars? Putting aside the giggle fits that are ensuing over the photo, it remains inconclusive if the picture is indeed real or not. No pun intended, but curiosity about the well endowed photo has crashed the JPL robotics


One-Way Ticket to Mars?!

Would you want the chance to travel to Mars? Well, the chance to visit the Red Planet is nearly upon us … but their is one catch. You can not return home!

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Kristen Bell is One Sexy Detective

Kristen Bell is returning to her role as Veronica Mars! The Kickstarter for the ‘Veronica Mars’ film, the detective show staring Kristen Bell, hasreached it’s goal of $2 million in less than 24 hours! That is incredible! This film has shattered the record for the fastest KickStarter to reach it’s goal. I feel that after

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Mars Curiosity Takes Myspace Photos

Mars Curiosity recently released a series of self portraits that could rival most Myspace profile pictures. Conspiracy theorists went ran amok when the photos came out, since they seemed to be taken from “too far away” to have been a self portrait. The Curiosity Team came forward to explain how the rover was able to


Meet the Mayor of Mars!

Say hello to the new (and only) Mayor of Mars! The Mars rover ‘Curiosity‘ (launched by NASA on 11-26-11 with a successful landing on Mars’ Gale Crater on 8-5-12) checked into Foursquare today, not only making the robot the first ever (known?) “Mayor” of Mars, but also marking the first ever check-in from “the surface