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Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Sing ’22′

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Sing ’22′

Last year, the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders uploaded their own personal cover of Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call Me Maybe,’ and have just uploaded their second cover, ’22′ by Taylor Swift! Merry Christmas!


Dove’s Mission: Care Campaign for Father’s Day

Dove for Men created for Father’s Day that enabled some 300 men to return for the holiday to reunite with their families. Check out the video Dove uploaded yesterday and be  sure to have a box of tissues with you.

Adorable little one

Adorable 2 Year Old Sings The Beatles!

Christian Diego Mello taught his adorable son to sing The Beatles ‘Don’t Let Me Down‘! Little Diogo Mello is just barely two years old and he can sing the popular Beatles song better than most people doing Karaoke on a Friday night! The cute little tot even tries to play along with his dad on his own tiny


People Weren’t Meant to Speak this Fast!

Have you ever heard someone speak so fast so quickly and clearly and that you question whether or not they are human? YouTuber Bella Thompson covered Ed Sheeran’s ‘You Need Man, I Don’t Need You,’ and she must have to ability to speak 50 words a second! Confused? Me too! Check it out! I always


The Official Despicable Me 2 Trailer Released!

The Official Despicable Me 2 trailer was released today, revealing the possible villain for the upcoming sequel! The creators of the much loved animated comedy, Despicable Me, have reported that they will be releasing a sequel in Summer 2013, but the details behind the storyline of the film have been hazy until the release of the official