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Xbox One Dashboard Leak!

Microsoft has yet to fully show off the Xbox One dashboard in its entirety until today! Well, it was actually YouTuber Jackson Carter who uploaded this shaky video, but he does show off the snazzy-looking tiled homepage. He does state that this is a beta version and it has a lot of bugs, but Microsoft


Xbox One Doesn’t Require a Kinect

Microsoft announced today that the Xbox One can run without the Kinect being plugged in. A few months back, Microsoft announced that they changed some of the DMR features, and now the Kinect is changing too. They have stated that the Kinect can be completely unplugged, and the Xbox One system will still work. You


Nintendo Loses WiiU.Com!

Usually video game companies have won their domain names back from internet cybersquatters, until now. Nintendo’s recent complaint before the World Intellectual Propery Organization was denied, meaning they won’t gain control over WiiU.com. The domain was registered on January 13th, 2004, back before the Wii existed . No reason was given for the denial by

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Microsoft Caves! Xbox One DRM Removed!

In the wake of E3 and possible loss of most of their market base, Microsoft caved and removed the insane DRM requirements for the Xbox One. In a statement released just one hour ago, Microsoft revealed they will be removing the once per twenty-four hour internet check-in’s for the Xbox One. Furthermore, there will no

Xbox One Versus Playstation 4 Thumb

Playstation 4 Versus The Xbox One

Now that both systems have been fully unveiled it’s time to compare and contrast the good, the bad, and the ugly for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Sony held their conference last night fully unveiling the Playstation 4 in all it’s gaming glory. During the conference, Sony execs took a few jabs at Xbox

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The Future Of The Xbox One

The E3 conference regarding the Xbox One actually showed off some games that weren’t Call of Duty! First off, the Xbox 360 got a redesign to make it look like the Xbox One. It’s almost as if Microsoft is the husband with a wandering eye and the jealous future ex-wife who is trying to look


XBox One Is Watching You

The newest console from Microsoft could be used to spy on you in your living room. To add to the controversy surrounding the XBox One, a week after it’s reveal, the company has come under fire for features that could gather more personal data from users than ever before. Feasibly, the new device’s Kinect camera and microphone

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There Are Already Problems With the Xbox One

After the somewhat disappointing press conference yesterday for the Xbox One, there are a number of things that need clarification. Yesterday, viewers who tuned into the live stream were told that Xbox One would not have to be always online and gamers rejoiced. However, Kotaku was able to interview Microsoft VP Phil Harrison who stated that the Xbox will


Sony Releases Blurry Preview of PS4

Sony has yet to release images or blueprints of what the PS4 will look like, but they did upload a preview of the console to their YouTube channel. Sony must be really excited about the new design of the vents for the next-gen console, because they are all over this commercial. The console will be revealed


Twitch.tv App Now Available on Xbox Live!

Gamers rejoice! The new Twitch.tv app will be available for download on Xbox Live today, granting Xbox Live Gold account holders access to live content. Emmet Shear, CEO of Twitch, said “Our app for Xbox 360 brings Twitch video to the television and into the living room of millions of Xbox Live members for the


Leaked Memo Debunks Always-On XBox

A leaked interoffice memo sent to Microsoft employees undermines the rumors that the next generation XBox will require an always-on internet connection. The leaked memo, picked up by Ars Technica, supposedly was sent to all full time employees working on the next generation Xbox console. It contained: “Durango is designed to deliver the future of