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Real Life Iron Man Suit Commissioned By U.S. Military?!

In a world where comics collide with real life, the U.S. military has commissioned a Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit that would provide the operator with superhuman abilities AKA the Iron Man suit. The suit would have night vision, enhanced strength, and protection from gunfire. Each suit would have an on-board computer that would provide

Mideast Syria

Why We Might Bomb Syria This Month

The situation in Syria is confusing and terrifying. Americans are afraid of jumping into yet another war that has no end in sight, so here is a rundown as to why we might bomb Syria this month, and what that might mean for our future. In March of 2011, Syrian citizens took to the streets

Obama Condemns Egypt

Obama Condemns Egypt Violence As Death Toll Rises

President Barack Obama has condemned Egypt’s interim government for their actions as the death toll from the attack on pro-Morsi protesters soars past 500. President Obama called on Egypt’s interim government to cancel the month-long state of emergency after the bloodshed on Wednesday. He stated: “We deplore violence against civilians. Let me say that the Egyptian

Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood Calls Followers To Rise Up

Recent clashes between the Egyptian army and Muslim Brotherhood Islamists protesting the military’s ousting of the President Morsi have resulted in bloodshed, leaving 51 protesters and 3 security forces members dead. The divide between Egyptians has deepened with calls from the Muslim Brotherhood’s political party for an all-out rebellion against the army. Carnage broke out


Morsi Overthrown by Egyptian Military

After the Egyptian military presented their ultimatum to the President and he refused to comply, Morsi was officially removed from office and placed under house arrest. A senior judge has become the interim president while the military, Morsi, and the country reels from the past few weeks. What does this mean for the future of


Terrorist Attack in Woolwich, England [UPDATED]

It has been reported that earlier today, two men were shot by armed police after attacking, beheading and then dumping the body of a soldier in the streets of Woolwich, England. The two men were reportedly shouting, ‘Allahu Akbar,’ and coupled with this statement one of the attackers made in a video, this is being labeled

Military Sexual Assault

Military Sexual Assaults On The Rise

Reports have arisen that sexual assaults in the military are on a steady incline despite efforts to combat the epidemic. According to the annual report released by the Department of Defense, sexual assaults in the military occurred at an average of more than 70 per day. Reports of abuse rose during October 2011 through September

Road Rage

Road Rage Maniacs Are Terrifying

Driving is overall a frustrating experience but there are some people who fall to a road rage so furious they lose sight of what they’re doing. It’s understandable to get a little hot under the collar when you’re driving. It happens to the best of us. The alleged US Marine in the video above though,


Russian Soldiers Love Lady Gaga?!

A few videos have surfaced recently of Russian soldier’s marching to the tune of some popular American songs. Some of this music you may recognize, but they seem a little strange for a military outfit to sing.


Death Penalty Requested in Afghan Massacre Case

U.S Army Prosecutors are requesting the death penalty for Sergeant Robert Bales for the massacre of 16 Afghan villagers. In March, Sergeant Robert Bales allegedly massacred 16 innocent Afghan villagers. During the course of the pre-trial hearing prosecutors described the act as heinous an despicable. They also recommended that based of the brutality and nature

Interview with the new ISAF Commander

The Petraeus Affair Goes Deeper

The probe into General Petraeus’ affair with biographer Paula Broadwell goes even deeper than just the two principals. The FBI investigation penetrated deeper into e-mails surrounding the social circle ensnared by this scandal, and all parties gasped when it exposed another affair involving our chief general in Afghanistan.