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Why It Matters Afghanistan

Netflix Documentary Mitt Trailer Released!

Netflix Documentary Mitt Trailer Released!

Netflix’s original documentary follows Mitt Romney as he campaigns for the presidency. The trailer released today, teasing online audiences to come and watch the journey on January 24th, 2013.


GQ’s 25 Least Influential People…Are Who?

  GQ recently released their list of the 25 Least Influential People this year, and the entries included were surprising. The list that spanned the range of d-list celebrities to presidential candidates begs the question: Did the person who put this list together know the definition of the word ‘influential‘? The list was put in


Will the Electoral College Stay?

  Last night, before midnight Barack Obama won the presidential election with both the Electoral and Popular vote. There were a lot of predictions saying that Mitt Romney would win the popular vote with Obama winning the Electoral college, but it came as a surprise to all when the President took both. President Obama won



Leaked Romney Video Goes Viral A perfectly-timed YouTube upload is currently going viral. It shows Mitt Romney during a commercial break going off about his Mormon faith. Despite having just been uploaded, the interview is actually from 2007. Before I go into my opinions on this craziness, you should watch this video in its entirety.


Last Minute Political Smears Rolling In

Yup, it’s that time. With the polls opening Tuesday morning, there’s not a lot of politicking that can go national and have anyone halfway care about it. So they’ve got to get your attention via political smears.

Barack Obama, Barack Obama

Second Presidential Debate Roundup!

All right, the second presidential debate went down last night. And our two candidates threw down. More after the jump.

Romney Cheat Sheet “Just a Handkerchief”

Mitt Romney’s campaign is in the middle of damage control as an online blog accuses the presidential hopeful of using a ‘cheat sheet’ during last week’s debate with President Obama


Big Bird Responds To Mitt Romney

Turns out Big Bird is OG.

Mitt Romney

Unemployment Hits 4-Year Low, Romney Unimpressed

Debates who?! After an unimpressive performance during Wednesday night’s Presidential debates, Barack Obama has just received some good news. The unemployment rate has dropped below 8%, clocking it at 7.8%. This is big news for a guy called out for a lack of job creation over his term as President. So it seems that Barack Obama