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Need for speed movie

New Need For Speed Trailer Dropped!

A second trailer reveals more about the film and it looks like it’s going to be a fun ride! Like Michael Keaton says in one of the clips “I can feel love, vengeance, and motor oil swirling all around,” this movie! Need for Speed hits theaters March 14th, 2014. Are you excited for the film?

Pirate Tricked Into Being Arrested?!

Somali pirate leader, Mohamed Abdi Hassan was arrested in Belgium after being lured to work for “Hollywood”. Abdi Hassan, also known as Big Mouth, was promised a role as a consultant on a fake documentary about high-seas crime. Little did he know, his big mouth bought him a first class ticket to a prison cell.

Need For Speed Trailer Released!

The trailer for the game-to-film adaptation of Need For Speed has finally been released! The film looks like a cross between The Transporter and Fast and The Furious, while promising fans of the gaming series just as many thrills as their favorite series. Plus, it stars Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame! Need for Speed is


JOBS is Actually Looking Pretty Good

A new trailer has been released for the Steve Jobs biopic, JOBS. JOBS originally came under fire by Apple Co-founder, Steve Wozniak, after he saw a small clip from the movie that he says never happened they way they portray it. Wozniak has changed his tune after watching a full trailer, but he has stated that


LEGO Gets Its First Feature Film!

LEGO: the toy that brought endless joy with their numerous construction sets, games, and short films. While at the same time, bringing us excruciating pain if we were to accidentally step on one. It has been announced that LEGO is releasing its first feature-length film, starring Chris Pratt, Liam Neeson, Will Ferrell and Morgan Freeman! Check out the trailer!


New Elysium Trailer Reveals Matt Damon’s Illness

The director of District 9 returns with a new sci-fi/action flick, Elysium, starring Matt Damon. Previously, viewers were given very little information about Damon’s character, but this new full-length trailer reveals his reasons for traveling to Elysium and how he will help others who are sick and trapped on Earth. Check it out!   QUESTION What are


Change Movie Endings With Your Thoughts

Remember that one film that you loved so much but its ending left you sitting there empty and unfulfilled with nothing but your popcorn? Wouldn’t you just love to have saved yourself that heartbreak by changing the outcome to something you felt was the right ending? The future is now! A group of researchers have


‘The Wolverine’ Trailer Exclusive is Here!

Fox has released an awesome trailer exclusive for ‘The Wolverine.’ The first trailer for the Wolverine didn’t get me too excited for another solo Hugh Jackman X-Men movie, but this trailer has got me pumped! Check it out! Even that cheesy train fighting sequence looks better! I’m pumped for this film, how about you guys?