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Childish Gambino: 3005 Music Video Released!

The music video for Childish Gambino’s single ’3005′, off of his new album ‘Because The Internet’, has been released! On top of that, the artist released a script yesterday with tracks from the album embedded into it. The idea is to read the script, with each track acting as accompaniment to the visuals conjured by


Kanye ‘Bound 2′ Kim in New Music Video

Kanye West, a pioneer of fresh and edgy entertainment, has collaborated with director Nick Knight on his new music video for ‘Bound 2′ featuring fiance, Kim Kardashian, topless on a motorcycle. Premiering on Ellen, one could say this sex simulating, heavy CGI video, is just another work of West’s vanity; however one can also see

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This New Fan Made OK Go Video Is Awesome!

Quirky band, OK Go, recently held a contest for fans to make a music video for their new song “I’m not through”, and Nelsonapdc knocked it out of the park! Through special effects magic, the video captures every thing that encompasses the out-of-this-world musicians. What’s the best fan video you’ve ever seen? Tell us about

New Barenaked Ladies Song Is Fantastically Uplifting

Rooster Teeth recently dropped the newest Barenaked Ladies video for ‘Odds Are’ and the song is the most uplifting thing I’ve heard all week! With all of the ridiculous happenings around the world, it’s hard to keep a positive spirit going, but the Barenaked Ladies have decided to step and tell us that everything is going

The Ultimate Wedding Toast

It’s one thing to prepare a tear-inducing wedding toast for your brother, but what if you created an 80′s music video instead? Complete with eyeliner and chrome lipstick Rufus Starlight and Baddy Paris did just that for their brother, Robin. Nothing says “congratulations” like a skin-tight outfit and some classic 80′s jams, right? After watching


Today in Awesome: Meteor Pranks and Foxes!

Today, we are featuring a number of awesome videos from all over the Internet, so let’s get started! If you missed it, go check out Simon Pegg’s pranks on the Star Trek set! First up, we have an awesome prank video from LG. They wanted to show off how well their new UltraHD TV’s worked,


World Record-Breaking Costume-Changing Music Video!

Musical group, Eytan And The Embassy, created this awesome new music video that broke the world record for highest number of costume changes in an unedited, one-take music video! I highly you suggest that you check out more of their music, they are quite talented. NATION What is your favorite music video?

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Hairy Music Video: What Did I Just Watch?

Ever spent way too much time on YouTube? Ever found that one video, maybe a music video, that makes you question your life choices? Well, this amazingly weird music video from Breach really makes you think. About what? I’m not sure. NATION What is the weirdest thing you have found on the Internet?