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Weird Al

Weird Al’s Videos Compared To The Originals Are Amazing!

Weird Al’s Videos Compared To The Originals Are Amazing!

Weird Al’s video parodies are as amazing as his music!

4th of July

The Greatest 4th of July Music Video Ever Made!

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, so why not celebrate with this very patriotic video!


New Watsky Video Released!

Watsky has released his new music video for the single ‘Ink Don’t Bleed’ featuring Anderson .Paak!


Brilliant Man Switches Out Britney Spears for Himself!

This worked out so well that it almost makes the atrocity that is the song work!

Tharsis Sleeps

Amazing Embroidered Music Video!?

Using 250 square meters of denim and thousands of stitches, the band Throne released their incredibly unique video for their song ‘Tharsis Sleeps’!


Zach Galifianakis Should Choreograph More Music Videos!

Kevin Drew and Zach Galifianakis team up to choreograph a dance to his single, ‘You in Your Were’!

All by myself

Stuck in an Airport Overnight? Make a Music Video!

When Richard Dunn got stranded at the Las Vegas airport overnight with his video equipment, he did what he does best, and made a music video!


Psy has a New Music Video….With Snoop Dogg?!

It’s bizarre and wonderful and oddly accurate when describing the pain and agony of a hangover!


The Pentatonix Are Back With Some New Music And A Lot More Makeup!

They might looks like aliens going to an underground rave in the Matrix, but there is no denying their amazing talent.

Chidish Gambino

New Childish Gambino Music Video Released!

Childish Gambino has just released the music video for his single ‘Sweatpants’ featuring fellow musician Problem!

Ziyi Zhang

Coldplay ‘Magic’ Music Video Released!

Ziyi Zhang dressed in 1920′s vaudeville outfits? Yes, please!

Farrha who

Farrah Abraham Music Video Challenge

How long can you listen to this without your brains dripping out from your ears?