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Stage Fright

Musicals and Murder, What Could Be Better?

The bloody red-band trailer for ‘Stage Fright’ dropped today, combining my two great loves musicals and horror movies!


Yo, Adrian! “Rocky” the Musical is Set to Hit Broadway.

The classic underdog story of small time boxer, Rocky Balboa, strives to go the distance in its upcoming Broadway production “Rocky.” The hard-hitting musical will tell the tale of Rocky’s career in the ring and his romance with Adrian Pennino. “Rocky” the musical was originally written in English then translated into German for its world


Beatboxing + Harmonica = Mind-Blowing Performance

What do you get when you add beatboxing to any type of musical performance? You get one hell of a performance! Check out this amazing performance from a high-schooler with some sweet harmonica and beatboxing skills.

Walter White and Jessie Sing

Breaking Bad the Musical ft. Taylor Swift

So….Breaking Bad the Musical ft. Taylor Swift….ya I didn’t think that would work either but this is all sorts of fantastic.  As a fan of the true love story in Breaking Bad (Walter White and Jessie P) I loved this video that is SPOILERTASTIC so only watch it if you are caught up. PS.  #KillSkyler