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Bo Burnham’s ‘what.’ Released on Youtube

The latest artist to properly harness the powers of the internet, similar to Beyoncé‘s record-setting promotion, comedian Bo Burnham has uploaded his new special what. to YouTube in its entirety. Coming off the teaser for his “From God’s Perspective” bit, we now get the full hour — which means more of the kind of piano-accompanied

Praise Castiel! Supernatural Fans Get Season 8!

As reported on WebProNews, Supernatural fans finally get to catch up on the current season on Netflix starting October 3rd! Other fan-geared shows like New Girl and Breaking Bad are also newly available to the site. Fans are anticipating the launch of other shows like American Horror Story and Sons of Anarchy to become viewable


Kevin Spacey Understands Television

Kevin Spacey gave the keynote speech at the James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture at the Edinburgh Television Festival and spoke about giving the control to the viewers. What does this mean? Spacey understands the audience perfectly and states that viewers don’t care where they watch their films or tv series, they just want a compelling storyline, and


The NSA Introduces NSAFLIX!!

The NSA decided to give back to the nation today by releasing NSAFLIX! Spy on the girl next door from her webcam, find out where grandma is hiding your inheritance ,and all the info you could ever want with NSAFLIX. At NSAFLIX, no need to sign up because they have all your information already! NSAFLIX


Netflix Surpasses HBO’s Subscriber Count

It has been reported that Netflix’s subscriber count has finally surpassed HBO’s. According to Netflix’s quarterly report for 2013, they have accumulated over 29 million subscribers, beating out HBO for number of domestic subscribers. History Lesson: At the end of 2012, Netflix reported having 27.15 million subscribers while HBO was still in the lead with

Arrested Development

Arrested Development Premiere!

When Arrested Development was given a breath of life by Netflix, no one expected that it’s second chance would expand so much. Netflix gave Arrested Development a chance to return by premiering it’s entire fourth season on the streaming site, like it’s original series. On top of that, while the series was initially listed to


New Trailer for Hemlock Grove!

The new American Horror-esque Netflix original series is following after the very popular House of Cards and Lilyhammer. The third original series is set to premiere on April 19th and is produced by famed horror master Eli Roth. Roth is known for brutal films such as Hostel and The Last Exorcism. Hemlock Grove’s plot revolves