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This Is Why You Don’t Share Your Netflix Password With Your Significant Other!

This Is Why You Don’t Share Your Netflix Password With Your Significant Other!

Damn, his Netflix account is f*&ked up.


Arrested Development Season 5 Confirmed!?

The Bluths are returning yet again to the small screen as Netflix is “positive” that Arrested Development will return for season 5!


Verizon User Allegedly Proves The Speed Issues Are Verizon’s Fault, Not Netflix

Customer.io CEO Colin Nederkoorn’s personal blog may have revealed that it is Verizon who’s at fault for Netflix’s throttled traffic.


Verizon Claims Netflix is Intentionally Slowing Down Its Own Traffic

Another twist in the Verzion/Netflix feud has Verizon claiming Netflix chose to funnel traffic through congested channels slowing down its users access to content.


Netflix Tells Verizon to Deal with It!

Netflix has received a cease and desist from Verizon to stop informing customers that ISP’s are to blame for poor streaming. Netflix responded with a resounding: No.


Here’s What’s Come and Gone From Netflix This Month!

The new month brings us many additions and many losses in the Netflix world, so here’s what’s come in and what is gone this month!


First Scene of ‘Orange is the New Black’ Season 2!

The first scene from season 2 of ‘Orange is the New Black’ has been released, and we can’t wait for it to come out!


Netflix Paying Comcast For Faster Speeds

It is being reported that the two online juggernauts Netflix and Comcast came to an agreement over the weekend that has everyone worried.

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House of Cards Season 2 Second Trailer Released!

Netflix is teasing us hard by putting up yet another trailer for the highly anticipated continuation of it’s original series, House of Cards. Valentine’s Day is going to be the best holiday of this year!

Why It Matters Afghanistan

Netflix Documentary Mitt Trailer Released!

Netflix’s original documentary follows Mitt Romney as he campaigns for the presidency. The trailer released today, teasing online audiences to come and watch the journey on January 24th, 2013.