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A Santa in Disguise, Home For the Holidays

A Santa in Disguise, Home For the Holidays

A nurse from Brick, NJ got quite the holiday miracle surprise to find out that the Santa Clause at her hospital’s Christmas event, was actually her son! Why is this so heart-warming you might ask?  Her son, Travis Ruggiero, had been deployed overseas in Afghanistan working as an Army Specialist.  Until that moment, she thought he

Same-Sex Marriages Have Begun In New Jersey!

Just after midnight last night, same-sex couples across the state of New Jersey were married, with seven of those marriages taking place at city hall! The seven lucky couples were married by Mayor and Senator-elect Cory Booker. The New Jersey State Supreme court ruled on Friday that weddings could take place Monday morning, sending a


3 Powerball Winners In 2 States!?

Three people have won the astronomically large Powerball jackpot, two in New Jersey and one in Minnesota. Those three winners will be getting roughly $149.33 million dollars. Should they choose the lump sum, they would each get roughly $80 million. After taxes, the final sum the three winners would have to live off of is around


Brave Teen Actor Comes Out to School

“I’ve been acting every single day of my life,” teen Jacob Rudolph said. “You, see, I’ve been acting as someone I am not.” Jacob Rudolph stood courageously in front of his entire school while accepting his award for “Class Actor“, and gave a beautiful speech in which he came out as gay. Jacob said: “Most


Secret Santa Passes Out $100 To Sandy Survivors

A wealthy Missouri businessman went to New Jersey and New York, passing out $100 to random strangers who had fallen victim to Hurricane Sandy. The man refuses to be photographed and doesn’t want anyone to know his name.


Gov. Rick Perry Won’t Secede from U.S.

Since the re-election of President Barack Obama, petitions have been cropping up in states all over the country to secede from the United States especially Texas. Suprise! Nearly 70,000 Texans have signed the We the People petition coercing the current administration to allow Texas to “withdraw from the United States of America” and create it’s own

Hurricane Sandy satellite image

The Aftermath Of Hurricane Sandy

The East Coast is still reeling from the destruction that Hurricane Superstorm Sandy caused. A trail of wreckage was left in her wake, mostly in New York and New Jersey, that no one could escape. But some say not all of the damage was avoidable, and city zoning may be to blame.


New Jersey Residents Can Vote By E-mail

It’s been bound to happen sooner or later. With the devastation following Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey’s state office decided to give their polling places and residents a break and classified those affected by the storm as “overseas voters,” thus making them eligible to vote by e-mail.

Superstorm Sandy

New Jersey Deploying Military Vehicles to use as Voting Polls

The devastated state will be deploying military trucks and personnel to serve as voting polls in place of the buildings destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. Department of Justice trucks will be parked at polling places in New Jersey that have lost power, as long as the sites are still accessible. In place of electronic votes, paper ballots will be


Politicians Not Acting All Politicky Post-Sandy

The Daily Show unveiled a new segment: “A Daily Show Tribute To Institutional Competence.” Out on the East Coast, New York and New Jersey’s upper-echelons of government are in full-on “fix it” mode, and the major casualty of this change is the current trajectory of political bullshit discourse.

Hurricane Sandy satellite image

Superstorm Sandy Still Sucks, That’s Right

The Jersey Shore and the Northeast Corridor is reeling from the punch of Superstorm Sandy. Millions are still without power, airports are all messed up, and subways are still offline. First responders and aid workers are in operation around the clock to get their cities back online.

Hurricane Sandy satellite image

Hurricane Sandy Is Headed For American Northeast

Sandy is not a name for a hurricane. It’s a name for an accountant. Anyway, Hurricane Sandy is headed for New Jersey and she’s probably going to trash all your stuff.