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Breaking: Explosion in New York

A massive explosion rocked East Harlem on Manhattan Island in New York City this morning. According to the New York City Fire Department, 39 units and 168 members are attending the scene of the explosion that has collapsed 2 buildings. Two confirmed fatalities have been reported, along with 18 injured. There is no estimated number

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Sleeping On Strangers On The Subway

How many strangers would let you sleep on their shoulders on the New York subway? This guy wanted to find out. What started as a social experiment turned into a valuable lesson about nice people doing nice things for other nice people. How nice. Sometimes the nicest thing you can do is nothing at all.

Banksy Sells Original Work For Ridiculous Prices?!

Popular street artist, Banksy, set up a small stand in Central Park and filled it with millions of dollars worth of art which he sold for insanely low prices. Each painting was an original canvas piece by the controversial artist and worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. They were sold for just $60 each, and

Unpaid Interns Are Not Protected From Sexual Harassment?!

Being unpaid isn’t the only thing interns have to complain about now. According to a recent lawsuit in New York, interns are not always classified as employees, and therefore do not have protections against sexual harassment. Despite a recent ruling that counted unpaid interns as employees during the production of Black Swan, another unpaid intern


Court Case Puts the N-Word Use on Trial

In a New York court case, the use of the n-word by black individuals is being brought into question. Rob Carmona and his employment agency STRIVE East Harlem are being sued by former employee, 36-year-old Brandi Johnson, for repeatedly using the slur when commenting on her inappropriate work attire and unprofessional behavior back in March

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Electric Zoo Music Festival Shut Down After Drug Overdose

The Electric Zoo Music Festival in New York City was shut down this weekend after two attendees overdosed on either MDMA or ecstasy. Four other civilians at the event went into critical condition and were rushed to the hospital. Both city officials and event promoters thought it was in the best interest of the public


New Yorkers Get ALL THE SODA!

The court of appeals upheld striking down the New York soda ban! Mayor Bloomberg banned all soda above 16 ounces in New York, but a court ruled the law an overstep of power. Bloomberg’s ban was approved by the Board of Health, but only the State Legislature or the City Council can approve and enact

Kristen Davis

Eliot Spitzer’s Ex-Madam Is Running Against Him?!

Kristin Davis, who allegedly provided Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer with her services, will be running against him to be New York’s comptroller. A comptroller, aka glorified accountant, would control and oversee the finances for the state once elected. Davis spent three months in prison for running a high class escort service. She stated: