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Wasted 8 Year Old Highlights New Zealand Drinking Problem

UPDATE: The video was removed to protect the identity of the young boy. Bradley GouldieMedia captured a video of an 8/9 year old boy who was drunk in order to shed light on one of New Zealand’s biggest problems: Underage Drinking. The video, taken at a New Zealand skate park, touches the surface of the

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New Zealand Legalizes Gay Marriage!

After debating the bill for two hours, the New Zealand Parliament has voted to make gay marriage legal in the Lord of the Rings country. The parliament voted 77-44 on the bill’s third reading, which is the second to last step needed to enact laws in New Zealand. The final step is when the governor-general


27 Animals Die On Set Of Hobbit Trilogy.

According to animal wranglers who worked on the Hobbit films, the production company is at fault for the death of up to 27 animals kept in harsh conditions once off the set. Apparently they were housed in a farm near the Hobbit set that was described as “filled” with “bluffs”, “sinkholes” and other  “death traps.”