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Nathan Drake Says ‘No’ A Lot!

Now, Nathan Drake of the ‘Uncharted’ series has always been known as the man who talks almost way too much, but I was completely unaware of the fact that he says ‘No’ as many times as Shia LaBeouf.

Drummer No Arms

Man With No Arms Does Amazing Drum Cover

Cornell Hrisca-Munn was born without arms in Romania in 1992. Now he’s one of the best drummers ever seen, and is raising funds to build a rehabilitation center for those like him. Cornell has been working in charity since he was nine. Despite his disability, he persevered in the place of others who could not. He took

No Cat

This Cat Really Hates Baths

Modeling after just about every cat in existence, this little orange Tigger desperately does not want to take a bath. Felines have had an aversion to water for as long as people have been around to try and bathe them. Tigger here is no different. His caterwauling sounds very much like No Cat, who constantly


Celebrity Movember

Celebrity Movember It’s Mustaches for Men’s Health November!!  Or Movember or No-Shave November.  Regardless of what you like to call it, men (and ladies too!) all over the world can opt out of shaving in support of men’s health.  There are countless prizes, events, and fundraising opportunities in support of prostate and testicular cancer this