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Oklahoma Student Gets Boot To The Face At Sugar Bowl

In the midst of a 45-31 defeat to Oklahoma University at the Sugar Bowl, Alabama’s players weren’t the only ones feeling a little salty. I’ve got to hand it to this girl, despite a crowd of fans trying to hold her back, she still gets a couple of good blows in. Of course, assault is

2 Year Old Held Hostage

Man Killed After Taking 2 Year Old Hostage

A standoff in a Walmart in Oklahoma city left one man dead after he randomly took a 2 year old hostage while her mother shopped. The blonde toddler was plucked straight out of her mother’s cart by Sammie Wallace, who held a knife to the child’s stomach. He claimed he would kill the girl if


Tornado Devastates Moore, Oklahoma

Yesterday a category 4 tornado tore through Moore, Oklahoma devastating the town and it’s residents. The tornado ripped through ten miles leveling homes and schools during the forty minutes it was on the ground. The death toll in the aftermath has reached twenty-four, including seven children. Emergency crews are still working through the rubble to find survivors.