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Stiviano and Sterling (2)

Who is V. Stiviano?

Who is V. Stiviano?

In light of the tape of racist ramblings that came spewing out of Donald Sterling, we find it surprising that a girl like V. Stiviano put up with the Clippers owner, much less had a relationship with him.


First Images From The New Jurassic Park Movie!

Jurassic World has just started production, and here are the first few images from the set! I’m so scared and happy for this at the same time! Please be good!

Jennette McCurdy (4)

Jennette McCurdy Lingerie Photos Leaked?!

Former iCarly star Jennette McCurdy may have had some naughty photos leak, which may spell the end of the starlet’s career on the popular kids television network, Nickelodeon.


Kiev Has Become a Warzone [Gallery]

Live streaming video by Ustream With 3 people dead, and the number of missing rising, the protests in Kiev have hit their most violent point. Photos of the city, nay country in revolt have been hitting the net as fast as photographers can shoot them. One man, Illya Varlamov, has been keeping his blog constantly

Screen shot 2014-01-06 at 2.00.57 PM

3 Years and Over 1,000 Photos = The Best Lip Sync Video Ever

It took 3 years of time and dedication to produce this amazing video of Matt Perren singing Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’. Perren took one to three photos per day, compiling 1,101 total pictures to create this video.


The Most Powerful Photos of 2013

With thousands of life changing, ground breaking events this past year, here are some of the most powerful photos from 2013. Warning some of the images below are graphic, discretion is advised:

In Saturn's Rings NASA

Movie Created From Nasa Photos!

A DIY filmmaker attempted to create a film that flew through space utilizing the photographs taken by NASA’s telescopes and satellites! The stunning teaser trailer for the resulting film “In Saturn’s Rings” released just yesterday and it looks gorgeous! The movie was created using only 2D photographs taken by NASA, often hundreds of thousands per


Instagram: We’re not Selling Your Photos

Instagram has started whistling a different tune as of yesterday; after it became public knowledge that the photo sharing giant could potentially sell their users photos to advertisers without paying or notifying them. The company has spent the better part of the last few days picking up the pieces from the online fallout. Instagram Chief

Terms of Service

Instagram’s New Terms of Service are Absurd

The popular photo sharing site has unveiled a new terms of service that has infuriated many users. The new terms of service policies will take effect starting January 16th and has stated: “Some or all of the Service may be supported by advertising revenue. To help us deliver interesting paid or sponsored content or promotions,


Missing Movember

You guys, it’s December. And before we prance into our holiday glee we must take the appropriate time to mourn the loss of Movember and the glorious facial hair that came with it. But when you finish that, it’s time to move(mber) on. See, even I can’t stop thinking about it.


Instagram Goes HTML

Instagram now has profile pages viewable via any web client. Until recently, Instagram profiles were only viewable from the app or a third party client. Now, you’ll be able to access the accounts via any web browser making all your stalking dreams come true. Instagram used to allow users access to photos on a one


The Nation is Awesome! (November 5, 2012)

The Nation is Awesome (November 5, 2012) Welcome to The Nation is Awesome (November 5, 2012)!  Members of the Nation send in pictures of themselves to [email protected] and I feature them on the show/site once a week to celebrate real people from the Nation. This week we received some really awesome Halloween submissions that we just had

imagesizer (1)

Mars Curiosity Takes Myspace Photos

Mars Curiosity recently released a series of self portraits that could rival most Myspace profile pictures. Conspiracy theorists went ran amok when the photos came out, since they seemed to be taken from “too far away” to have been a self portrait. The Curiosity Team came forward to explain how the rover was able to