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I Don’t Give a F*ck About Your Snapchat!

I Don’t Give a F*ck About Your Snapchat!

YouTubers IFockingHateThat wrote a little song about their thoughts on the photo/video sharing app, Snapchat. NATION Do you still use Snapchat?


Unicef Says Facebook Likes Don’t Help the Needy

Unicef would like the people of the Internet to know that no amount of Facebook likes will effect the lives of starving and impoverished people. Watch Unicef’s video and please stop posting those pics to my Facebook feed. They don’t help! QUESTION: What are your thoughts on people who post these photos to Facebook?


Nothing is Cuter than a Hedgehog

Nothing is Cuter than a Hedgehog – Here’s today dose of cuteness with  the sweetest animals on the planet: HEDGEHOGS! There are times in our lives when we all could use a pick-me-up. Some people like to drink coffee, others like to work out, but I enjoy looking at cute pics of Hedgehogs! People could


The Nation is Awesome! (November 5, 2012)

The Nation is Awesome (November 5, 2012) Welcome to The Nation is Awesome (November 5, 2012)!  Members of the Nation send in pictures of themselves to [email protected] and I feature them on the show/site once a week to celebrate real people from the Nation. This week we received some really awesome Halloween submissions that we just had

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Mars Curiosity Takes Myspace Photos

Mars Curiosity recently released a series of self portraits that could rival most Myspace profile pictures. Conspiracy theorists went ran amok when the photos came out, since they seemed to be taken from “too far away” to have been a self portrait. The Curiosity Team came forward to explain how the rover was able to