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Twitch Streamer ‘Swatted’ While Broadcasting!

Twitch Streamer ‘Swatted’ While Broadcasting!

Twitch streamer Kootra was the butt of a very bad practical joke when someone ‘swatted’ the popular gamer.


Dinosaur Prank Scares The Poop Out of People!

It’s very simple, man dresses up in a Velociraptor suit and scares the crap right out of people!


Fake Magician Pranks People Into Doing Weird Things!

QuietAssassin’s pranked several people by having one of their guys pose as a fake magician with very specific instructions for his magic tricks!


Good Morning Neighbors!

Roman Atwood pushes the limit with this prank by greeting his new neighbors!


This is Why You Need To Lock Your Doors When You Drive!

This UK prankster illustrate exactly why you should lock your car doors when you’re driving, and get some amazing reactions in the process!


The Killer Clown Returns!

Easily what I consider to be one of the most terrifying pranks to ever exist has returned!


Fake Celebrity Prank!

This guy went from normal to (minor) celebrity by changing his clothes and adding an entourage, and it totally worked!


Prankster Robbed By Hookers?!

While attempting to do the ‘Drunk Walk’ prank in Las Vegas, this guy ended up being pickpocketed by the women who feigned concern for his well being!

Canal Boom

Prankster Makes Entitled Douche Bags Suffer!

Brazil based Canal BOOM! had a Tiago Fonseca spray paint cars illegally parked in disabled spots with washable paint!


Son Scares the Crap Out of His Dad!

It does not take much to startle Andrem Bennett’s father, in fact, just saying ‘Good Morning’ is enough to scare the crap out of him!


‘Watch Dogs’ Happens in Real Life?!

A cellphone repair guy adds a special app for his customers that turns off street lights, and opens random car doors!

Clown Prank

This Prank is Sure to Leave Scars For Life

When scary clowns are involved, the situation turns into an instantaneous nope-fest. Add a little murder to the mix and you’ve got the cocktail for a life-scarring prank!