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Person Swap Prank!

You know sometimes when you think you saw something, and everyone tells you that you’re just being crazy? Turns out sometimes you aren’t. Two guys pull hilarious prank on people by switching places in lightning fast time as their targets back is turned. Seriously though, their wardrobe changing skills are definitely something to be admired.

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Amazing Don’t Drink and Drive Prank!

Tom Mabe teaches his friend a lesson by waking him up from a drunken stupor in a hospital room and pretending he’d been a coma for 10 years! Even though the prank was in good fun, the underlying message to his friend and everyone watching is clear: Don’t drink and drive.

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Aaron Paul’s Meteorite Prank!

Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul spent some time with the Bushmills team and recounts the story of a prank he played on his friend Dave! This is what happens when you get an amateur astronomer excited about meteorites in his backyard! What’s the best prank you’ve ever played on a friend?

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Roman Atwood’s Prank Backfires!

Roman Atwood decided to play a little trick on his girlfriend by telling her that he had cheated on her. What happened next was completely unexpected by the popular prankster! This is what happens when you play a prank that could backfire in all the worst ways!